Wild kids and wilder counselors create the most fun—and learn the lessons that matter most

The climbing prodigy's book, 'How to Solve a Problem,' teaches youth how to approach seemingly impossible challenges

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From backyard birding to building stick forts, here's how to enjoy the outdoors this summer without straying too far from home

The strangest things happen at summer camp. Which is probably why we love it so much.

Can a lifelong tent pitcher with a penchant for roughing it learn to appreciate high-thread-count sheets and teak-floored showers in the midst of nature? Our editor agreed to suffer in the name of research to find out.

Laura King is out to inspire her eight-week-old daughter, Hazel, to go after her goals

From filmmaker Aaron Peterson, '24 Leeches' recaps what a family vacation looks like through the eyes of his son, Josiah

From ballads inspired by outdoor adventures to neighborhood sing-alongs, the Okee Dokee Brothers' new album makes staying home with kids more fun

The Brown Ascenders is out to have a good time—and to bring change and equity to the climbing culture

In 'The Art of the Mini Adventure,' mother-daughter combo Els and Pippa venture out for a microadventure near their home in Vermont

'Space,' a film from Gnarly Bay Productions and Howl Collective, reminds us that there's still adventure out there to be had

Socialization is the most important thing you can do to create a good dog. But how do you create new experiences when you can’t leave your house? 

Set up a tent, turn off your screens, and enjoy some family bonding—without leaving home

You need a dog, a dog needs you. What more do you need to know?

Although the coronavirus has shuttered schools and events across the country, outdoor spaces can be a healthy outlet for families—but it's important to stay informed and cautious

Like many outdoor sports, cycling struggles with gender equality. In Colorado, a handful of youth organizations are trying to change that.

A detailed list of what you need to treat common injuries and ailments

The basketball icon knows that if you want kids to succeed, you need to give them access to bikes and bike lanes

Do I worry about my dogs? Absolutely. Do I let that stop us from bringing them on outdoor adventures? Absolutely not.

Maxine McCormick is already a fly-fishing legend. But how can a 15-year-old make her way through a world dominated by retirees?

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The BMX pioneer and Hollywood stuntman is known for thrilling exploits on and off the bike. Now his greatest feat is passing on a sense of adventure to his daughter.

If you and your co-parent have different ideas of what's risky, here's what you need to know

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It takes a special kind of commitment to summit and ski the world’s tallest mountains. For Hilaree Nelson, that dedication permeates all aspects of her life—including raising her two sons.

I got my wife and daughter to love cycling—with a little help from Italy

This film profiles Ingrid Backstrom, who achieved great success as a professional skier and is now finding happiness raising a family

The successful businesswomen learned all about entrepreneurship at home on the windswept Aleutian Islands. They had to.

Coziness is good, but a little hardship is way more meaningful

Don't conflate fearlessness with bravery

One rescue dog's transformation from fearful to family member

From summer heat to deep snow, here's a practical and affordable list of things you need

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He's one of the most decorated polar explorers on the planet. But the most meaningful adventures are the ones he goes on with his family.

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From remote peak bagging to offshore shark diving, here’s how to explore off the beaten path in Central America’s most adventurous destination

Staff members of Marie Stopes International navigate wild bulls, treacherous singletrack, and rushing rivers to make long-term birth control accessible to some of the hardest-to-access places in Nepal

Motherload takes a closer look at an underexplored niche of alternative living on two wheels

John Olson has been on the water for nine decades—and he's still working

The leaders who have grown it into a nationwide organization talk about where they aim to take it next

No, not all dogs love having a new companion in the house, and yes, it is possible for pets to have panic attacks. Here's how to grow your pack smoothly.

This summer, get your kids off the couch and get swole

Tips from the pros about the importance of communication, being prepared for a breakdown, and taking it slow

Five breeds that fit your lifestyle—and your condo

After a trip to Kilimanjaro with her father, Lilliana Libecki wanted to create a new way to give back

The fine line between holding on and letting go

Kids need more outdoor playtime, and one national nonprofit is helping provide families with just that

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