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A new book by Kim Brooks confronts parents' responsibility to assess risk on behalf of our kids

As your family grows, so will your family's tent needs

From breastfeeding while walking (it's possible!) to bottle feeding and pumping on the trail, here are the best options for parents on the go.

A guide at a wilderness therapy organization observes an increasing number of teens coming in to treat technology addiction

There might be food poisoning and potty-training emergencies. There will be tantrums. There will also be some magic.

Childhood used to come with rites of passage: your first fish, your first hunt, your first taste of outdoor risk. We need to rebuild the steps along the journey to adulthood.

Children are much more likely to enjoy outdoor activities—and stick with them—if they start out at the right moment in their physical and cognitive development.

There’s a simple solution to the vexing challenge of getting teens to put down their phones: education

When we truly let our children run free, the only guarantee is that they will surprise us

A father learns to follow his firstborn’s lead

Today’s kids are lonelier than any previous generation. What can help is a deep connection with animals both domestic and wild.

The best way to raise capable kids is to fuel their love of games—and stop forcing them to compete against each other

Whether you're wondering what an outdoorsy life with a young child looks like or just want to see some really cute babies, you should get to know these families sharing their journeys through organizations and social media

Hike It Baby founder Shanti Hodges shares her tips for hiking with babies, toddlers, and older children

One writer endures awkward morning cabin run-ins and hazardous chairlifts in the name of settling down (but still chasing snow)

Hand-picked by Kate Siber, author of the new children's book 'National Parks of the USA'

Brewer, entrepreneur, and ultrarunner Caitlin Landesberg on balancing being an entrepreneur with parenthood

It was just another beautiful day in the mountains for the author and his one-year-old Australian shepherd, Merle, when their lives changed in an instant

Even if you don’t own a dog! (Yes, this is possible.)

Shanti Hodges has written a new book to help motivate families to get on the trail—and find the one that's perfect for them

It was a great adventure base camp even before the state agreed to cough up $10K for anyone willing to move there

For toddlers and teens and everyone in between, these stories will ignite a sense of adventure

Spitfire excels at the curious sport of dock diving, or, in other words, jumping really, really far. That skill has landed him and his owner, 13-year-old Sydney Mackey, five world records—and counting.

Many of us owe our passion for the outdoors to our fathers.

Skip the tie this year and go for one of these budget-friendly products instead

'You Are Mighty' lays out ground rules for getting your kid to help change the world

The Magnolia State's first high-school mountain bike team wants to build a cycling culture, one pedal stroke at a time

We get strapped with more than just the logistics

In Love Creative’s film Denying the Wolf, a narrator explores what drives man’s best friend.

As it opens membership up to girls, the 107-year-old organization will now be known as Scouts BSA

And what parents can do to change that

Mother's Day is May 13. Are you ready?

They're not all head rubs and face licks

On the slope and off, there's plenty to do

Is it a shame we need them? Yes. But it's the only way to protect parents who want their kids to grow up independent and brave.

There's no reason smaller feet should equal smaller ambition

It's not about training regimens or dietary dogma—it's about community

When I needed to process my grief, the polar cold and isolation proved to be exactly what I needed

While other kids were stuck taking standardized tests, I decided to take my daughter, Devon, to Africa to learn about conservation in the global classroom

The new strategy promises to raise resilient, confident kids—exactly the skills needed to make great outdoorspeople

A new ad campaign from two major nonprofits aims to break children free from their dependence

During 40 years of adventure, hard-charging writer and climber Mark Jenkins has asked a lot of his wife and kids. After his fourth attempt on a dicey Chinese peak, he examines the risks and rewards of a risk-defying career.

From rafting whitewater to glamping among the sheep, these adventures will keep everyone happy

Want them to love the sport? Start slow.

Nine tips gleaned from the Swedish parenting playbook

Give them something that will inspire a lifetime of adventure

Bobby Kennedy Jr. has spent a lifetime protecting rivers, an ethos born on childhood expeditions

With its new Walls Are Meant for Climbing program, the company hopes to make climbing accessible for everyone of all ages and abilities

Tip: It helps to build your toddler a mini climbing wall so he can boulder with you

A swanky night out with the mutts saving our veterans' lives

The housing crisis in the Mountain West has gotten so bad that some folks are happy to rent a clean piece of pavement

The Boy Scouts of America just announced that it will accept girls in its Cub Scouts programs, and it's working to integrate the Boy Scouts by 2019

Whether our writers and editors were drawn to flower and tree, bird and creature, or sun and moon, the outdoors wowed them in ways that never let go

Talking to the Longnecker family about life on the road

Of course I want my daughters to be kind—but that doesn't mean they can't stand up for themselves

The classic design hasn't changed much because it doesn't need to—it's darn near perfect

Sure, there's the never-ending mental math and having to deal with frozen pumps in brutal wind. But in the end, it's just one more factor in the complex calculus of a day in the mountains.

And what I learned from an island camping trip with a bunch of disadvantaged youth

Your one-stop shopping list for the coming year

Our correspondent heads to Bears Ears National Monument to find out

The newest version is well-designed, flattering, and dries within 20 minutes. Get a few pairs for the whole family, and you won't need to think about your summer adventure outfit ever again.

There's not much that will make you panic after ten years of dogsledding in the wilderness. And there are lots of ways to feel equally calm in all kinds of outdoor emergencies.

The teenage phenom on reaching the summit and knowing when to give up

Talking with the founders of Luvmother about how to start your own kid-related outdoor business

These five standout communities are working to make sure underprivileged communities have access to green spaces

Meet the 16-year-old working to end discrimination in the nation's largest youth outdoors program

18 products that make adventuring easier

Whether it's skiing or mountain biking or camping, these guidelines will make sure you and your child get to enjoy a lifetime of adventure together

Still don't know what to get dad? We've got you covered.

If you exchange money for a dog, you’re doing it wrong

Spend enough time in the backcountry and you're bound to have a scare, as our writer recently discovered. Here's how to teach kids what to do when that happens.

Marc Peruzzi—a small-business co-owner, the parent of a child with a congenital heart defect, and avid skier and mountain biker—on what Trumpcare could mean for outdoor athletes, and the healthcare travails his family has already faced

Better learn Lanie Szuch's name, because you're about to start hearing it—a lot

One company's plan to give adolescent girls bras to help prevent them from dropping out of the outdoor world

'Every Other Day' is a film from The Noble Lab that shares the story of Rode Lewis who is a father and rancher in West Texas 180 miles outside of Ft. Stockton.

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Seven camps working to expand access to the places we love most