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Want to make the strongest memories? Don’t touch the camera.

There's a moment in a child's life when she's old enough to go on a real trip yet still young enough to want to hang out with her parents. These travel tactics and tools will help you seize that window.

Just because they have lacrosse practice doesn't mean you have to sacrifice outdoor adventures

For more than a century, the Girl Scouts has been the most well-trod path for junior explorers to get into adventure. But what comes after the Thin Mints and craft badges is a troop for sisterhood, winter camping, and some serious archery.

As her daughters get older, our correspondent wanted to pass along a few things that running has taught her

How the National Winter Activity Center is raising the next generation of skiers

Sometimes the greatest outdoors companion comes with four legs, a tail, and a whole lot of wet kisses

Sound crazy? Not to Bekah and Derrick Quirin, who are embarking on a thru-hike with their one-year-old this March

Behind-the-scenes with the company's efforts to make sure kids—and parents—are valued at the office

"How can you let her do that? It's so dangerous!" For years, my mom has fielded this question from other parents about my climbing. Here's what she thinks about raising an adventurous daughter in an unfamiliar sport.

Research shows that walking has many benefits—but it's also a pretty darn good family adventure

The world's greatest dog sanctuary is on a small farm in Costa Rica, where hundreds of canines run wild over the land—eating huge piles of food and slobbering happily on Lya Battle and her small band of dedicated volunteers.

Taking kids on extended trips into the wilderness comes with an element of stress—the key is to talk about it

Nature documentaries offer the chance to teach your kids about the beauty and diversity of our planet

Because no one will remember this storm as much as the children who got to stay home because of it

The best schools know that kids learn when their noses aren't shoved in textbooks all the time

The greatest gift a parent can give is teaching their kids to dust off and keep going

No matter who is on your list, these gifts will make sure you're ready for anything

Just because you’re ready to shack up with your squeeze, don’t assume your best friend is on board

Turning puppies into full-fledged dogsledding athletes is a tough endeavor—one we'll explore over the next four months. First up: making sure they're not afraid.

For those of us who try to raise our children to believe they can accomplish anything, this election offers the chance for that to finally be true

The simplest way to ensure children have free play is often the hardest: opening the door and shooing them out. On their own.

Yes, we should limit how much time our kids spend in front of screens, but we're going about it the wrong way

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Top Dog Sweepstakes: Prize Details and Official Rules

How three months of parenting on crutches taught me invaluable lessons about patience, relinquishing control, and taking each moment as it comes.

There’s a growing movement of people who say that abstaining from having children is the best way to offset climate change. They’re wrong. The only way to stop it is by raising environmentally conscientious kids.

Raising a courageous, independent child means being a courageous, independently minded parent

As parents, we tend to try and fill our children’s lives with activity from the time they wake up to bedtime. But research suggests that a certain amount of idleness is beneficial.

How the upstart parenting meet-up Hike it Baby has quietly gone national

Scott Swaney, a former oilman and current badass a couple years shy of 70, has more first descents in Death Valley National Park than anyone on earth. He spent the past decade looking for everything from tight canyons to massive drop-offs and is believed to have led or been involved with 203 of the 258 first descents in the park. Swaney has burned through partners who couldn’t stand the heat and hard labor of exploring his hellish playground, but he continues to recruit new ones, eager to keep exploring. This spring, photographer Ian Tuttle, who had never canyoneered, stuffed his camera—a film Mamiya 645 AFDii—into a backpack and followed along.

They’re nimble, curious, Instagram-friendly—and will definitely require a harness. The most underrated outdoor companion is coming to a trail near you, with a little exposure training.

No matter what brand of child-rearing you subscribe to, raising kids is riddled with difficult decisions. At its core, it's about trying to create a balance.

The Clark family's advice for surviving a 120-day backpacking trip—or whatever adventures you and yours have planned for the summer

The 42-year-old mountaineer and mother of two just claimed the women’s speed record for the Explorer’s Grand Slam. How did she pull it off?

We've rounded up our favorite films that celebrate fatherhood and highlight how dads inspire their kids to get outdoors

My Old Man is a new video series produced by Farm League for YETI that celebrates fatherhood. Big wave surfer Shane Dorian, father of two, is profiled in the first installment, Between Pulses. While people tell Dorian that…

A new initiative gives complimentary national park access to every fourth-grader in America. Can a class field trip turn kids into lifetime fans of the outdoors? Mike Kessler hops on the yellow bus—and endures high-decibel Bieber sing-alongs—to find out.

It helps to live in a cool mountain town and be a world-class athlete. But Davenport also uses fundamental tools that train his kids to think for themselves.

Rule #1: Always shoot the tantrums. And never take another selfie.

The author tagged along on a trip to Joshua Tree with a group of kids from Southern California who had never slept in a tent

The movement to get kids running around outdoors has some strong scientific support. Here are six ways to let your children cut loose.

Aaron Eveland took his young son dirt bag camping on a small rock island off the coast of Hawaii.

The secret to surviving a weeklong family vacation along the Pacific Coast? Rent a tricked-out minivan

It starts with redefining concepts like spring break, recess, and access to nature

Bestselling author Caroline Paul’s new book, 'The Gutsy Girl,' is a how-to guide for parents to push through the anxiety and let their kids take acceptable risks outdoors

The Secretary of the Interior just issued an order that aims to help get at-risk and disabled children outside. Here’s how it will work.

A simple 7-step process. I learned the hard way. You don’t have to.

Author Richard Louv, who coined the term “nature-deficit disorder,” is back with his latest book on the importance of getting kids into nature

Nutritious lunches are key to fueling our children’s minds and bodies, and our cafeterias are failing us

Paying a visit to the birthplace of a massive and fiercely protective breed—that’s still as critical to keeping the peace in the area's farms as it was thousands of years ago

We asked the director of the National Avalanche Center what precautions he takes when he goes skiing with his two young daughters

We asked photographer Jesse Burke, whose new book showcases a series of road trips with his young daughter

In 2015, filmmaker Jeremy Prusso took his family on a trip to Utah's Maple Canyon. The journey spawned his latest film, Maple Canyon, which touches on the importance of spending time outside with family. “You just want them to have what you have, to see…

Nature eases stress, and there’s no better way to offset the collective holiday insanity than by escaping to wild places. Presenting five family adventures for a meaningful season.

The pressure to enlist kids in competitive sports has us putting four-year-olds on the soccer field. It’s clear they don’t know what they’re doing. And it may be a more harmful decision than you realize.

Indira, a short film from Nate Gunn, follows a family's struggle after losing their child. Utah-based artist, mountaineer, and photographer Andy Earl and his wife finally find peace in the place that always brings them happiness: the mountains.  …

Pressure on kids to perform well in school, excel in competitive sports, and handle other pressures could be alleviated with some simple one-on-one time with nature

A family of backcountry maximalists learns to love going fast and light

The weekend-long event features a multi-heat dog surfing contest with prizes in four different weight-class divisions and even tandem heats with the dogs’ owners.

James Lawrence, aka the Iron Cowboy, ran 50 Ironman triathlons in 50 days this summer. He did it all with his five young children in tow.

Every year we ask our Instagram followers to share the best shots of their number one adventure buddy.

Mountaineer Hilaree O’Neill hiked to the base of Makalu, the world’s fifth highest peak, with her two young sons in tow

It depends who you ask. But I just can't wrap my brain around sending a child up the highest mountain in the world.

Children are eating between meals more than ever, but is that a good thing?

“Blue zones” where entire communities live longer, better lives aren't just for grownups. Here’s how you can craft them in your own neighborhood.

It’s tough to beat the ranch dog’s daily grind: They run around all day, swim in water troughs, and, of course, keep the crazy cows in line. Anyone who's lived with one cannot live without.

From mountain biking to paddleboarding, your best friend can do it all with a bit of basic training

Hunting around for vacation destinations that actually cater to both kids and adults is tough. But we’ve got you and yours covered.

This is a longterm relationship that will have a major impact on your lifestyle. It pays to choose wisely.

Athletic training and parenthood aren’t mutually exclusive. In fact, when done right, they go hand in hand.

Some of them trained for years to save lives. Others came to the rescue by following their noses. They all earned our eternal gratitude.

The trick is educating them with these honest, science-supported reasons why pets make our lives better

What’s the best dog in the world? Our picks: the ones that have a job, do it well, and then curl up at the foot of the bed.

An interview with the parent-stars of the new television show “Big Crazy Family Adventure” about how to roam with children without going insane

How to find and train the ultimate outdoor companion—because you want so much more than just another pet

Don’t let your kids live their summer vacation inside a screen

SUPs, souped-up bikes, sunglasses, and other things your dad will love

Tip #1: Letting them embrace freedom involves a fair amount of hovering

Ruffwear has announced a major partnership with Best Friends Animal Society, along with its Ruff Adventure Dog Adoption Program, that matches adventure-loving, outdoor oriented people with high-energy, fresh air-seeking dogs from the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Through a Facebook app on Ruffwear’s…