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Ten tips from Will Gadd to get you moving

A nervous dad hopes his daughter finds as much confidence in the dance studio as she did on the ropes course.

How do you select a family-friendly adventure dog?

Adopting a dog can be difficult. But in the end, we wouldn't trade our oddball pets for anything.

When Katie Arnold's girls were big enough to try stand-up paddleboarding on an inflatable SUP, the whole family fell in love with the sport.

It's easy to fall into bad habits with the start of the school year. Follow these seven recipes for a healthier year.

CrossFit isn't just for adults. There are over a thousand programs nationwide specifically designed for kids. Is this a good thing?

The Green River just may be the ultimate fall family river trip (as long as the weather cooperates)

I put my newborn on the post office floor. Ick! True tales of procuring a baby passport.

A few words on kick-starting a love of adventure

Dane vs. Dad at the World Freestyle Championships

Tim Olson on how to run—and win—100 milers while making it look easy

Even parents need alone time. Follow these 10 tips for the perfect solitary adventure weekend.

On a 36 hour multisport trip to Colorado, one parent discovers the importance of adventuring alone.

Postcard from East Java: Belinda Baggs on itinerant surfing, the world's best waves, and motherhood as the ultimate stoke

Trapped in the work-grind of the U.S. a family moves to Patagonia, staying true to the compass of exploration and travel

How do you capture the last sunny days of summer? With a family outing on the lake.

The parents of two young ultrarunners share the highs and lows of running with young rippers

We compare the best carriers for bringing your kids into the outdoors.

One of the top ultrarunners in America is a pathologist and a mom to boot. She shares a few of her secrets for anyone trying to fit training into their schedule.

Traveling is one of summer’s biggest joys. But it’s possible to get too much of a good thing.

We find more joy in our kids' pleasures than our own, especially when it’s joy about a surprise present from the big, wild world

Yes, you can tour France with kids without ever setting foot in the museum. And it’s cheaper (and a hell of a lot more fun for everyone) than you’d think.

This six-inch-thick foam pad is half slip-and-slide, half water trampoline, and, for hassled parents, a blessing

Facing summer’s last hurrah can be depressing, but there’s no reason you can’t carry a little bit of the warmer months through the winter.

How a New York non-profit takes young non-swimmers from dry land to whitewater in just a few days

Sometimes, it takes a little storm to show us how resilient we really are

The family that learns to chillax correctly will be much safer on or near water. Here are some easy tips.

Etiquette for the canine playground

Choice is good. Here are three outdoorsy desserts that may jazz you more than the obligatory roasted marshmallow and melted chocolate squeezed between graham crackers.

Teaching your kids the basic physical skills they’ll need is child’s play, literally. Start improving their coordination, strength, balance, and more with these five games.

Can you say “good genetics”? These six clans own their fields generation after generation.

Maybe you're raising a family of kayakers and runners, but you should still teach your children to play tennis and mini-golf. Here's why.

The founder of a SoCal startup is gearing up to give us equipment for car camping that’s right for the job and looks hot. Please, let it be so.

Many American rivers are out of condition by the end of spring. Not this one.

Every year, Katie Arnold spends a month at her parents' cabin on an island in Ontario. Great for relaxation, but not so much for training.

Last week, Mike Steere shared some tips to help parents survive their child's first year at sleepaway camp. This week, he attempts to pacify his own miserable camper, and finds out it isn't as easy as it looks.

On Western Spirit's guided mountain-biking tour of California, even the youngest kids can get a taste of the trail

Even the most timid kids can get over their separation anxiety and have a great time at summer camp—as long as mom and dad don’t screw it up

Why should kids have all the fun? At Vermont’s Tyler Place Family Camp, adults can paddle, take tennis lessons, and carve out their own slice of summer vacation alongside the children.

Since the birth of their first child, photographer Somira Sao and her husband have traversed the world’s oceans on a 40-foot racing sailboat, visiting six continents with their growing brood. Bet your preschool wasn’t like this.

For the past five years, Charles Scott has taken his kids bike touring from Japan to the backroads of Iceland. Katie Arnold caught up with him before his latest trip across the American West to learn from the master.

Over the past five years, nine new national monuments have joined the ranks of America’s protected lands. But Michael Brune, the man who heads up the Sierra Club, would like to see more. Elizabeth Hightower Allen joins him, his family, and a pack of rambunctious llamas on a tour of New Mexico’s highlands.

With fire and drought ravaging New Mexico, Katie Arnold and family head up to southern Colorado on a multisport adventure

GoPro Games champion Sage Donnelly has her eyes set on the World Freestyle Championships—and from pro paddlers twice her age to diabetes, nothing is going to stand in her way.

After quitting their jobs and selling their house, Coloradoans Erica and Mark Lighthiser packed it up—kids, dog, possessions—and started pedaling north. How far will their journey take them?

From ferrying kids to preschool to hitting up the farmer’s market, Xtracycle’s beefy longtail can handle it all.

New York Times columnist Bruce Feiler’s new book The Secrets of Happy Families has a novel strategy for overwhelmed parents in need of a break: give kids more control

The Clif Kid Backyard Game of the Year contest encourages children to invent their own outdoor games rather than sitting in front of the TV. The top prize? A scholarship for ten grand.

You only get so much time with your kids before they’re grown up. After a family trip to the hot springs, Katie Arnold meditates on how best to spend it.

W. Hodding Carter, Jack Hitt, and Anthony Doerr look back on their attempts to raise kids who love the outdoors.

Can a new trailer bike help young kids learn the rules of the road? Katie Arnold and her family put it to the test.

Sending your kids to camp may not be the best way to keep them active in the warm months

It's natural to feel a little anxious before a trip into the backcountry with your kids, but follow these common sense guidelines and know everything will turn out fine

Keeping the family happy doesn't have to mean sacrificing steep terrain and old-school cool

To raise adventurous children, as Laura's father learned when she and Guppy set sail, means that someday, you have to let them go

Katie Arnold puts the Burley D'Lite and Chariot Chinook 2 to the test on a trip to the Spruce Hole Yurt in southern Colorado's San Juan Mountains

As part of her New Year's resolution to camp every month this year, Katie Arnold took her family to Spruce Hole, a 20-foot diameter canvas-walled yurt in the San Juan's Rio Grande National Forest

Elizabeth Eilers Sullivan catches up with 16-year-old Noah Pereira, the recent winner of a 150-mile dogsled race in Alaska that's seen as the precursor to the famous Iditarod

If you're not a hunter, you may think that a dog's instinct to locate, pursue, and kill doesn't pertain to you, but you would be wrong. Evaluating an animal's prey drive should be of paramount consideration in selecting a pet or working dog.

Ditch the stroller, don't give in to frustration, and take baby steps

Pick up a shelter dog and curious about what breed he or she is? In this, the second in a two-part series, Ali Carr Troxell learn about Odin and Rio for the first time.

Pick up a shelter dog and curious about what breed he or she is? In this, the first in a two-part series, Ali Carr Troxell orders a cheek-swab test kit from Canine Heritage.

Pilgrimage, a new book and traveling exhibition by one of the magazine world's most famous working photographers, was inspired by a close-to-home family vacation

It doesn't really matter. But whichever kind you choose—chokers, slip leads, e-collars—make sure you're using it correctly.

I wrote a version of this story in October 2011. Emily Rapp’s two-year-old son, Ronan, died this morning, so I post it now in honor of him and Emily and parents everywhere who are brave enough to share their stories of living, loving, and dying.

Every Thursday, Katie Arnold, in an effort to pack in some more alone time—no sisters and no fathers allowed—picks up her daughter from preschool early and they hit the slopes

The organization that opened the first youth skate park in Afghanistan was recently named one of the top 100 NGOs in the world by Global Journal and is now in expansion mode

Find a companion you can get along with, whether from a responsible breeder or your local shelter. You’re going to be spending the next 13 years together.

Or, why you just need to disconnect every once in a while

Problem: Stress, temper tantrums, teething, nighttime waking, worry, and overscheduled days. Solution: To spend some time sleeping—and living—outdoors, away from digital distractions, at least once a month.

Some high-energy, athletic dogs, unable to sweat, will work to the point of self-injury, so make sure you're able to recognize the warning signs of exhaustion

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Holding a sausage for what must be an unbearable length of time

A 2009 review of Reaching the Animal Mind by Karen Pryor, the trainer who popularized the term and practice of clicker training over three decades

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