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Are National Parks Really America's Best Idea?

In an excerpt from his forthcoming book 'Leave It As It Is,' nature writer David Gessner examines the iconic conservation legacy of Theodore Roosevelt and unpacks the perception that the national parks and monuments he created were previously untouched and empty

David Gessner
Aug 6, 2020

The Mountain Biker Who Vanished Without a Trace

In an excerpt from 'The Cold Vanish,' a new book about people who disappear in the wild, Outside contributor Jon Billman looks at the rare, tragic case of a fat-tire rider who couldn't be found

Jon Billman
Jul 6, 2020

Why Outside Is Launching a Contribution Model

Outside's digital journalism has never been more relevant or essential, but giving it away for free is no longer sustainable. Here's why we're asking for your support—and how you can contribute today.

The Editors
Jun 9, 2020
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