From a cyclist-saving secret to the best adventure companion, these were your favorite videos of 2016
From a cyclist-saving secret to the best adventure companion, these were your favorite videos of 2016 (From left: Outside; Makai Creative; PranaLens; Outdoor Gear Exchange; Outside)

The 10 Videos You Loved Most in 2016

Revisit our best videos of the year—picked by you

From a cyclist-saving secret to the best adventure companion, these were your favorite videos of 2016

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All year we scour the internet to find the best outdoor videos, and hey, we also make a lot of our own videos. For your viewing pleasure, here's a look back at the best of both in 2016—according to you.

1. How the Dutch Reach Could Save Lives

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We asked our editors if they'd ever heard of the Dutch Reach (trust us, it’s not what you’re thinking). Watch to see how this simple technique may just save a cyclist's life. 

2. Why You Should Bring Your Dog Mountain Biking

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Flow is a short film from Transition Bikes and Outdoor Gear Exchange that follows Vermont-based rider Adam Morse and his dog Flow as they shred some local singletrack. If this video doesn't serve as proof that dogs make the best riding buddies, we're not sure what does. Follow more from Outdoor Gear Exchange here

3. A Simple Teardrop Trailer Is the Perfect Adventure Vehicle

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Rob Reeve of Denver, Colorado, is redefining what it means to keep it simple in the camper industry. His company Hiker Trailer produces lightweight, affordable teardrop trailers, packing in everything you need to experience the outdoors in an admittedly tiny space. At Overland Expo West, Reeve showed us Sarah Harris's custom 5-by-8 model trailer.

3. Actor Jason Momoa Talks Fatherhood, Climbing, and the Arts

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Jason Momoa is well-known for his rugged exterior in Game of Thrones, but this film from Brian Andrew Mendoza and Carhartt investigates the man's lesser-known role: a father. Momoa credits his mother for imparting her love of the arts and sport to him, and now he aims to provide his children with the same foundation in an effort to develop their self-expression and creativity. “If I teach them to climb then they can push themselves to the limits; gracefully move through fear and doubt,” he says in the video. Follow more from Momoa on Instagram here and Carhartt here.

4. This is The Most Stunning Nature Video We've Ever Seen

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Amon Barker grew up exploring the mountains, valleys, and deserts of New Mexico and developed a passion for the outdoors, which he learned to share with others through photography. Now a director at Après Visuals,  Barker and crew recently set out on a series of production road trips to capture powerful images of the natural world that would remind us all of our connection to the environment. The resulting film, Human Nature 4K, honestly left us speechless after we first watched it—it's that stunning. You can follow Après Visuals on Instagram here and Amon Barker here.

5. A Step-By-Step #Vanlife Build

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With the proliferation of #Vanlife comes a range of vehicle builds. For less than a thousand dollars, Live Outside and Play's road team Jess Daddio and Adam Ritterthey upgraded their 2008 Ford Econoline with a savvy system of space-saving storage, wire-free lighting, and eco-friendly power. In this video, they share their 10-day process step-by-step. From the coast of the Carolinas to Colorado and back, Adam and Jess will be representing Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine and its sister publication Elevation Outdoors Magazine at 20 outdoor events. You can follow Live Outside and Play on Facebook here and on Instagram here. You can follow Blue Ridge Outdoors on Facebook here and Elevation Outdoors here

6. This Vintage Ad from PolerStuff Would Make Richard Simmons Proud

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This commercial spoof from Polerstuff is the third in a series starring “Dr. Dan,” as the “King of Camp Vibes” and brings the Rocky Boot to life. This ridiculously hilarious ad was shot by filmmaker Alex Craig and his friend John Stewart (aka Dr. Dan). Find more from Polerstuff here and Alex Craig here.

7. #VanLife Never Looked Better Than This Sprinter Conversion

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Cyrus Sutton is known as an Emmy award-winning documentary filmmaker. To us, Sutton is revered as a pro #vanlife dweller and hacker, splitting the past eleven years between his van and his Washington homestead. For his life on the road, Sutton recently converted a Sprinter van into one hell of an adventure vehicle. Our favorite features in this conversion include his DIY hammock mount and desk, vertical gear racks, and a fold-up bed complete with a whiteboard and corkboard on the underside, both of which are crucial to his creative work. Next, Sutton plans on installing a compact wood stove, the icing on this enviable #vanlife. You can follow Sutton on Facebook here and on Instagram here.

8. The Bone-Chilling Science of Surfing on Lake Superior

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“The worse the weather, the better the waves.” With that wild approach, surfers Alex Gray and Alex Brost chased a low-pressure system across the Midwest to the shores of Lake Superior, where icy swells spiraled, tempting any surfer brave enough to tolerate the cold. Superior Surf is a film by PranaLens about the science and thrill of catching those waves. You can follow PranaLens on Facebook here and on Instagram here.

9. Inside the Coolest Short Bus Camper Conversion Ever 

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Adventure vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny teardrop trailers to fully self-contained monster rigs. When professional mountain biker Andrew Taylor decided he wanted to hit the road full time, he originally thought he'd buy a classic VW bus, but then he found this 1994 Ford E350 short bus for $2000 on Craigslist. In this video from photographer Long Nyguen, Taylor gives an inside look at how he converted the bus into the drool-worthy camper it is today. 

10. A Classic New Zealand Roadtrip Done Right

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Aaron Eveland has taken the reigns as Dad of the Year, but somehow he's upped his game again. On a mission to expose his family to some of the most beautiful places is the world, he took to New Zealand in a classic VW Camper. With this incredible footage and support from new countries, he hopes to take his videography skills across the globe and travel with his family. Follow along with Aaron and his company Makai Creative on Instagram here and Facebook here.​​

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Lead Photo: From left: Outside; Makai Creative; PranaLens; Outdoor Gear Exchange; Outside

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