Adventure Video of the Week: Across the Ocean


This week, a bunch of international news outlets reported on the movement of debris from the Japanese tsunami around the Pacific. This interactive graphic from The Guardian mapped the path of the marine debris best. Around the time the reports we're swirling around the Web, Sundry Productions put out a seven-minute short showing one of the communities affected by the tsunami.

The video, filmed on a Canon 7D, is fairly straightforward. Shots of the town of Minamisanriku, in the Tohoku region of Japan, flow by as audio from two women plays underneath. The women share stories of struggle and survival from the day the tsunami hit. The scenes from Japan were filmed in February of 2012. Cars sit on top of buildings. A shoes sits alone in the rubble. Children walk down the steps of a school. It's a simple short that speaks to the value of bearing witness.

–Joe Spring