Alex Heard Discusses Interview with Greg Mortenson

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Best-selling author Greg Mortenson came under fire this weekend when a piece on 60 Minutes called into question the veracity of Mortenson’s books Three Cups of Tea and Stones Into Schools, and the financial management of his Bozeman, Montana-based nonprofit, the Central Asia Institute (CAI). Much of the doubt in the 60 Minutes piece was cast by author Jon Krakauer, whose 75-page piece Three Cups of Deceit was released yesterday on

Mortenson has declined several interview requests but agreed to speak over the weekend with Outside‘s Editorial Director Alex Heard. Monday night, Heard appeared with Peter Bergen and Nicholas Kristof on CNN’s AC360 to discuss his interview. Earlier this morning, Heard also appeared briefly on The Today Show and on Boston’s NPR affiliate “Here and Now,” which you can listen to here.

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To see previous coverage of Greg Mortenson and CAI, check out Kevin Fedarko’s December 2008 profile, “No Bachcheh Left Behind,” and Mark Jenkins’s December 2001 column, “Seismic Shift.”

–Michael Webster

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