An Artsy New Tool for Making a Trippy Adventure Video


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In Lumbering Planes, artist Callum Cooper has made a trippy video about trees. It's packed with footage shot from a swinging camera. The first reaction I had when watching the short was, How did he shoot it?

Sculpture of Lumbaring Planes. Photo: Callum Cooper

As the camera swings in the video, there are brief glimpses of a leather strap. That strap is a leather lumberjack climbing belt that wraps around the trunk of a tree. It holds an arm that rotates in a vertical fashion. The arm is made of an axe handle, a hatchet handle, and steel. A camera, like a GoPro, can be attached to the end of the arm.

It's an interesting invention that might have applications in adventure filmmaking. It could work in a climbing video. Just don't combine footage from it with a lot of helmet-cam footage. It's disconcerting enough on its own.

To see another video contraption from the artist, go to

—Joe Spring

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