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The Outside Podcast aims to apply Outside’s longstanding literary storytelling methods to the audio realm, creating features that will both entertain and inform listeners along the way. We launched in March, 2016, with our first series, the “Science of Survival,” which was developed in partnership with PRX, distributors of the idolized This American Life and the Moth Radio Hour, among others. New episodes of the Science of Survival will begin in February 2017. The series is produced with support from the Arthur P. Sloan Foundation and its commitment to storytelling around STEM issues. 

The other series in our feed are the Outside Interview, which has Outside editor Christopher Keyes talking with influential figures in our world, and Dispatches, which investigates a range of pressing topics. 

The Outside Podcast is produced by Robbie Carver and Peter Frick-Wright, the latter of whom is a frequent Outside contributor.

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