Get Your Smokey On

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That's the new Smokey the Bear PSA from the U.S. Forest Service (poster below). It's a slogan capable of taking on a life of it's own, which I'm sure we'll see in the comments section and on our facebook page.

The return of America's second favorite anthropomorphic bear comes as the USFS is looking to ramp up awareness that nine out of 10 forest fires are caused by people.

“’Get Your Smokey On' is a call for each of us to be responsible whenever we use fire,” said Jim Hubbard, USDA Forest Service Deputy Chief for State & Private Forestry. “Smokey still needs your help in reducing the almost 70,000 wildfires that are human-caused each year.”

Just in case you want to compare the new Smokey video above to the best—and sexiest—and creepiest—Smokey PSA ever, we've posted our favorite below. Don't agree? Go to Smokey's youtube page for more videos.

–Joe Spring

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