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Football Players Face Off in an Epic Outdoor Challenge

Denver linebacker Von Miller and Kansas City left tackle Eric Fisher are both avid outdoorsmen. So we brought them to New Mexico to go head-to-head in fishing, archery, and cooking. Here's how it went down.


Like a lot of the best ideas, this one started with a trip to the desert. The Carhartt team thought it would be fun to show Denver linebacker Von Miller, an avid outdoorsman, the backroads of New Mexico, Outside’s home state. Then he asked if we could hunt and if he could bring his buddy, Kansas City left tackle Eric Fisher. Next thing we knew, we had an old-fashioned, mano a mano competition on our hands: One day, three events—fly-fishing, archery, and a cook-off.

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The competition—dubbed “Back to the Land,” after a famous Carhartt program in the 1930s that led to the opening of a factory complex in rural Kentucky—began on the Pecos River outside of Santa Fe with one rule: Biggest fish wins. Both beginners, Miller and Fisher caught on fast, with Fisher ultimately netting a 15.5-inch brown to win the first round. Next up was archery, a sport where both men excel. Miller grew up hunting in Texas, while Fisher, a Michigan native, regularly bowhunts whitetail near his Kansas City home. So a challenging course was set: a series of five faux animal targets, set up at various distances, often nestled among the piñons and junipers. Each man would have two shots per target, with the highest score winning the round.

Miller grew up hunting in Texas, while Fisher, a Michigan native, regularly bowhunts whitetail near his Kansas City home

Turns out Miller and Fisher are just as competitive off the field as they are on—archery fans and bowhunters will be especially impressed with the duel. “They had no ability to range the targets, had to deal with wind, up- and downhill shots,” said Brian Spiro, head of partnerships at Carhartt. “I’ve been shooting a bow for over 20 years and I was in awe.” After trading the lead through the first four targets, it came down to the final shot, with Miller, no stranger to performing under pressure, nailing a bull’s-eye for the win.

Tied after two rounds, the contest would be decided in the kitchen, with each man given five minutes to prepare his freshly caught trout. To see how it all went down, click on the video above.

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