‘Hurt So Good’ Trailer


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When Legs of Steel asked on their Facebook page whether they should release the trailer to their new movie, Hurt So Good, one fan's answer pretty much summed up the energy of the clip.

“If by 'release your trailer,' you mean releasing a band of soul-crushing wing-ed hell-hounds and iron-borne fire steeds crushing the frozen mountain wastes while melting the senes of on-lookers with the golden guitar riffs and machine-guns drums of øden echoing through Valhalla to the gates of Hades…. Then yes….. please do.”

Sure, that was a little dramatic, but the part about the guitar riffs and drums was right on. There are also plenty of frozen mountains. And I guess hellhounds is a pretty accurate terms for some skiers. Probably the only thing the fan didn't predict was the heavenly slow mo shots of angelic aerials in which time beats to a drum not of this world.

The movie will be released on iTunes in September.

—Joe Spring