‘The Last of the Great Unknown’ Screening

Watch Dan Ransom's 22-minute film about canyoneer Richard Rudow's exploration of an undiscovered slot in the Grand Canyon.

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Thanks for watching tonight. We are no longer screening this movie. Check back next month, on August 23, to watch Lucas Brunelle's edgy bike racing film, Line of Sight.

For decades, canyoneer Richard Rudow has been exploring the slot canyons and tributaries of Arizona’s Grand Canyon. His dedication, and the exploration of one particularly committing slot, won him one of our Adventurer of the Year awards. This film tells the story of his proudest exploration.

Deep within the Grand Canyon's vast wilderness are secret and intimate tributaries rarely visited by man, hiding some of the Canyon's most remarkable features. The barrier to entry is steep. To explore them, one must have a knowledge of backpacking, packrafting, rappeling, anchor building, and off-trail navigation. The Last of the Great Unknown is the story of these slots, the canyoneers who systematically explored their drainages, and the secrets hidden deep within their walls.

Rich became a Grand Canyon fanatic after his first river trip in 1989. In 22 years he has spent 500 days below the rim backpacking, rafting, and canyoneering through some of the park's most remote places. He's walked nearly 5,000 miles and descended 134 slot canyons including 60 or 70 first descents. Weekdays, Rich is general manager of a Trimble business at Trimble Outdoors.

The film will be available for purchase this fall.

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