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This Left Tackle Is Also a Serious Hunter

Eric Fisher is best known as a professional football player, but the Michigan native is also a serious outdoorsman


Earlier this spring, pro football players Eric Fisher and Von Miller came down to Outside’s home state of New Mexico for a one-day outdoor competition featuring fly-fishing, archery, and cooking. Which might seem random, until you understand that they’re both serious outdoorsmen.

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Fisher spent his youth outside Detroit exploring the outdoors—riding his bike to look for new fishing spots, cutting up firewood, spending entire summer days with a rod and a boat in northern Michigan. The state has a lot of old gravel pits, and they’re loaded with smallmouth bass. “We were always trying to find those honey holes that everyone looks for,” Fisher says, “and we had a bunch of them.”

So it was natural that when Fisher moved to Kansas, the white-tailed deer capital of the country, he got serious about waterfowl and deer hunting. Within 30 minutes of his house, Fisher has access to more than 50,000 acres of huntable land—a huge asset when he can only hunt on his one day off during the regular season. “I cherish that as a football player,” he says. “There’s no greater stress relief than sitting in a tree stand and listening to nature.” It’s also pretty good practice. As you can see in the video above, the first installment of Carhartt’s new “Back to the Land” video series, Fisher isn’t just a tough competitor, he’s a solid shot.

Carhartt was founded by Hamilton Carhartt in 1889 in Detroit, with two sewing machines and a handful of workers. After a period of rapid growth, both domestically and internationally, Carhartt launched a Back to the Land program in 1932, which led to the opening of a major factory complex in Kentucky and coincided with the creation of Carhartt’s first outdoor-wear products. Inspired by this action, Carhartt’s new Back to the Land video series showcases the iconic hunting and fishing apparel for which it is now known. To shop Carhartt, and learn more about the company’s history, click here.

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