mavericks waves surfers
Greg Long has to manage fear as a big-wave surfer. Learn how other athletes handle it in our November video feature. (Frederic Larson)

November Issue Videos

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mavericks waves surfers

Florence Williams explores fear in the November issue of Outside. In our online extra features, learn how high-risk athletes deal with the fear that’s an inherent part of their sport. 

Plus: Keep an eye out for our annual snow report and Best Places to Work blowout.

Dean Potter on Dealing with Fear

Even the daredevil wingsuit jumper has pre-flight anxieties to deal with—using breathing and focus. 

Maya Gabeira Overcomes Her Scariest Moment

The big-wave surfer nearly drowned last year. But she’s returning to the sport that nearly killed her—here’s why. 

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021 Lead Photo: Frederic Larson