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A new book by the acclaimed science journalist Michelle Nijhuis looks at human attempts to save other species from extinction, from John Muir to the World Wildlife Fund

And things got rocky fast. Our correspondent talks to Jennifer Miller about Colorado, misconceptions, and a mysterious type of footwear called “hiking sandals.”

In an excerpt from ‘In Search of Mycotopia,’ a new book about different communities exploring the multiple uses of fungi and mushrooms, the author goes foraging with William Padilla-Brown, a rising star in the mycological movement

The books, films, music, and more that our editors couldn’t stop talking about

These recent literary works feature unsettling tales set in familiar locations

The legendary filmmaker pioneered the stoke film and helped create skiing’s counterculture, but ‘Ski Bum’ on Discovery+ shows how his life behind the scenes was anything but easy

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Expert tips, gear, and skills that will help you take your adventure photography to the next level

The Outside team is excited to announce we’re joining forces with a company that’s changing the face of the outdoor and active-lifestyle market

Chloé Zhao’s new film follows a baby boomer who moves into her van after the Great Recession

From a look at modern ghost towns to a documentary musical, these shows have something for everyone

Host Laura Borichevsky fearlessly goes where no man has gone before

In her new book, 'Unsolaced,' the acclaimed nature writer's prose is as beautiful as always, but her analysis of global warming is disappointing

The books, movies, and more that our editors couldn't stop talking about

In her new book, writer and artist Lauren Redniss tells the story of San Carlos Apache activists who are standing up to a mining company in southeastern Arizona

'Bravey' delves into the Olympian's experiences with depression and losing her mother to suicide

The books, movies, podcasts, and more that our editors couldn't stop talking about

In an excerpt from his new book 'Beginners: The Joy and Transformative Power of Lifelong Learning,' Outside contributing editor Tom Vanderbilt takes up surfing as part of an experiment to learn new skills as an adult and discover the benefits of being a grown-up novice

These reads will make meaningful gifts this holiday season

Ken Layne left an influential career in digital media to create 'Desert Oracle,' a cult-favorite radio show and print periodical based in Joshua Tree that explores everything from the political to the paranormal. Now it's being released as a book.

The tour's latest installment, premiering virtually amid the pandemic, comprises four films that show off epic climbs from around the world, but not from the usual suspects

Your holiday reading list, recommended by our editors

‘The Infinite Race’ examines the complicated relationship between ‘Born to Run’ and the runners the book made famous

The books, movies, podcasts, music, and more that our editors couldn't stop talking about

This year the famous outdoor film festival is going virtual, with thrilling tales of climbing adventures and profiles of charismatic conservationists

The legendary skier's latest project since retiring is an Amazon series called 'The Pack.' It's the perfect lighthearted binge to get you through the pandemic holidays.

A new documentary from director Ron Howard looks at what happened after California's deadliest wildfire

'The Moth and the Mountain,' by Ed Caesar, and 'Shook,' by Jennifer Hull, examine expeditions that took place in different time periods, but both demonstrate how the mountain can bring out the best and worst in people

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When faced with personal tragedy, social injustice, and hypercritical fans, these three outdoor athletes found their voice

These fascinating shows offer a behind-the-scenes look at conservation battles and youth climate activism

The books, movies, podcasts, and more that our editors couldn't stop talking about

With 'The Forests of California,' naturalist and artist Obi Kaufmann aims to deepen environmental literacy. He also argues that this cataclysmic time is an opportunity.

In this new alien invasion comedy, a relaxing vacation in the woods takes an unexpected turn

According to Chris Watson, the man behind your favorite wildlife soundtracks, we're just becoming better listeners

In 'Two Trees Make a Forest,' environmental historian Jessica J. Lee offers a welcome disruption to the travel-memoir genre

The books, movies, podcasts, music, and more that our editors couldn't stop talking about

Grizel is using her rising social media profile to spark a more nuanced conversation on nature's power to heal

These recent releases feature stories of gritty heroines on journeys through threatened wild landscapes

In 'Above the Clouds,' the world's greatest ultrarunner recounts the lifelong effort that led him to the tallest mountain on earth

These films about extraordinary athletes and inspiring activists are keeping us entertained as the days get colder

Researchers have identified an alarming lack of books about Black children in nature. Diversifying your bookshelf can help kids find themselves in literature—and the outdoors.

A serious exploration of a topic that a lot of people don't take seriously

The books, TV shows, podcasts, and music that our editors couldn't stop talking about last month

Artist Jackson Stell is crafting music that captures the ecstatic feelings we have when we venture into the natural world

After a two-decade hiatus, the 'world's toughest race' returns at just the right moment—this time with Bear Grylls

Two documentaries, 'Big Fur' and 'Stuffed,' set out to show that this sticky-fingered branch of natural history is full of beauty and wonder. Do they succeed? Our reviewer, who knows a lot more about the subject than he ought to, says yes.

The books, movies, podcasts, and music that our editors couldn't stop talking about

In an excerpt from his forthcoming book 'Leave It As It Is,' nature writer David Gessner examines the iconic conservation legacy of Theodore Roosevelt and unpacks the perception that the national parks and monuments he created were previously untouched and empty

In 'The Next Great Migration,' journalist Sonia Shah explores the hidden history of human and animal movement

In the spirit of Thoreau and Dillard, Donovan Hohn considers the joyous and brutal aspects of the natural world

The books, movies, podcasts, music, and more that our editors couldn't stop talking about

In an excerpt from 'The Cold Vanish,' a new book about people who disappear in the wild, Outside contributor Jon Billman looks at the rare, tragic case of a fat-tire rider who couldn't be found

The books, movies, podcasts, music, and more that our editors couldn't stop talking about

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Emily B. Martin's new novel, 'Sunshield,' is inspired by American landscapes and explores how individuals can impact their environment

'Why We Swim' and 'In Praise of Paths' are timely inquiries into human locomotion

Gina Rae La Cerva's 'Feasting Wild' is a delightful culinary travel book. It's also an adjustment to the way we think about what that buzzword actually means

Whether we needed another documentary about the disgraced cyclist is up for debate, but 'Lance' is an entertaining look at the saga—and wait until you hear what he says about Floyd Landis

How director Marina Zenovich got the most infamous bike racer in history to share more than ever before

This trailer for Yeti's Midnight Hour​​​​​​​ video series features musicians like Jack Johnson, Terry Allen, Ryan Bingham, and Margo Price

In an excerpt from his new book, 'In Praise of Walking,' Shane O'Mara delves into the science behind an activity that human beings often underestimate

From humble jellyfish anecdotes to straightforward self-help, three new titles offer resonant takeaways for these worrisome times

The best documentaries from this year's film festivals look at quixotic quests and devastating disasters

The books, movies, podcasts, music, and more that our editors couldn’t stop talking about

Five ways to feel like you're outdoors, even if you haven't left your sofa

Aquariums are closed, but they're offering plenty of virtual options to interact with sea creatures

In his new book, writer Mark O'Connell explores what our anxieties about the future say about our precarious present

In his new book, 'The Wedge,' bestselling author Scott Carney travels the world to investigate the surprisingly effective methods humans have developed to rewire our brains and control our response to stress. And it all starts with taming fear.

From poetry to nonfiction, these books celebrate everything we love about our planet

In his new photo book "Errors of Possession," adventure photographer Garrett Grove documents the region's shifting industries and culture

As the sport is poised to enter the Olympics, a veteran climbing writer delves into its past in 'High Drama: The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of Competition Climbing'

A handful of classic reads whose titles might capture some of your feelings of these past few weeks

In an excerpt from her new book, 'Nerve: Adventures in the Science of Fear,' Outside correspondent Eva Holland is paralyzed by fear while hiking down from an ice climb. The experience catalyzes a quest to understand and overcome her acrophobia.

More than 50 national parks host visual artists every year. These three artists used their residencies to draw attention to climate change, species loss, and pollution.

In an excerpt from her new book 'Why We Swim,' Bonnie Tsui explores the ways that immersion can radically shift our perspective

The hugely popular Netflix docuseries leaves out crucial facts about America's big-cat industry and the people trying to stop it

Cinemas and film festivals are screening online. Here are our favorites.

In a new novel, 'How Much of These Hills Is Gold,' author C. Pam Zhang presents the fantasies and struggles that defined western expansion through the eyes of two Chinese-American characters

Four recent books explore other moments in the past 100 years when global events intersected with the Games

The books, movies, podcasts, music, and more that our editors couldn't stop talking about

Outdoor enthusiasts' dreams of survival and adventure are often inspired by children's books, but most adventure heroes have traditionally been cis boys. That's changing.