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Rob Story

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Rob Story

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Telluride-based Outside correspondent Rob Story is the author of Outside Adventure Travel: Mountain Biking. When he isn’t looking for new singletrack or hitting the mountain-Story averages 50 days on the slopes per winter-he’s writing for magazines. An editor-at-large at Bike, Story has also written for Powder and Skiing. He received the 2003-2004 Lowell Thomas Award for print journalism.

Rob Story

Rob Story Rob Story

Climb Every Mole Hill

The highest points in heartland states like Kansas and Iowa aren’t much to look at, but when you knock off seven of them in a four-day, 3,000-mile blitz…well, let’s just say the little bastards have a way of kicking back.

The Gulch Club

Four friends play the slots in Utah’s canyon country and win big

Life Isn’t Fair

Eat. Sleep. Shoot virgin curls. Collect a heap of prize money. For the pro surfers assembled at the first Boat Trip Challenge in Indonesia’s Mentawai Islands, paradise can be such a bitch.

Legend of the Fall Line

How did a mellow, mop-haired, lackadaisically unfashionable snowboarder achieve freeride immortality? First he lifted his carve to a fine art. Then he linked turns down impossibly steep terrain on some of the planet’s highest peaks. Now he bucks industry trends, eschews money, and foreswears fame. But most important, he just rides.

Get Real Gone.

Being lost may be the truest course of finding your way

Super-Fat Days, Coma Nights, and the Quest for Tearjerker Footy

A tight crew of out-of-bounds crazies has been working overtime to turn the snow-flick world upside down with its relentlessly spectacular reels. Is it art or is it ski porn?