Stuff You Should Click On: Week of January 14

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Despite clips from the World Eskimo-Indian Olympics Ear Pulling event and a youngster showing us some tasty waves, the Animal Kingdom stole the headlines this week. Here's the stuff you should click on.

Start Training Now
World Eskimo-Indian Olympics, July 20-23, 2011

The Low-Hanging Fruit:
Bat camp: orphaned critters nursed back to health (NewScientist)

Oddest Obit?
Legendary Parrot Who Saved His Species Dead at 80 (TreeHugger)

Where There Are Floods, There Are… Sharks?
Bull sharks seen in flooded streets (The Queensland Times)

Concerned Leopard Seal Tries to Feed Photographer Live Penguins (TreeHugger)

How Icicles Get Their Myriad Shapes

 Not Bad… for a 13-Year-Old

–Michael Webster

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