Stuff You Should Click On: Week of November 19

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Holiday gift ideas, surfing killer whales, flying versus driving, the best and worst of outdoor sports, and, of course, anti-matter.  Here's what you need to click on this week.

Why I Want a Wingsuit for Christmas (Don't Blink):

Thanks to the Adventure Blog and Wend

Funny 'Cause It's True
So … A Koala Walks Into a Bar in Queensland. Seriously. (Vagabondish)

Worst Miss Ever?

The Jet Set…
Jet Lag May Cause Stupidity (Wired)

…Better off Driving?
Can Red Bull Fuel Better Driving? (Reuters Health)

Feeling Just Spine

Caught My First Tube Today
New Zealand's Killer Whales Ride Killer Waves (Adventure Journal)

It Can Happen to The Best of Us

What's The Anti-Matter With You?
CERN Makes and Traps Anti-Matter, Mystery of Science (Reuters)

–Michael Webster

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