Taking on Tyson…And His New Reaility TV Show


The first fight former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson ever got in was over a pigeon. Yep, some acquaintences taunted him about one of his pet pigeons and his passion for keeping the birds. He fought back when one of them killed the pigeon and, as the onetime “Baddest Man On the Planet” says in our exclusive interview, “I didn't really kill the guy, but I clearly won the fight.” 

Now Tyson's love for pigeons is on dsiplay in his new show,”Taking On Tyson,” about his foray into the world of racing pigeons, which premieres March 6th at 10 p.m. ET on the Animal Planet.   

Click here to listen to our full interview with Mike Tyson, in which he weighs in on our natural connection to birds, how the de Rothschild banking family made its money, and what it's really like to live with man-eating tigers. Or download the podcast from iTunes.

 —Ryan Krogh