Telluride Mountainfilm Festival: The Lineup


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A few months ago, I got an email from filmmaker Trip Jennings telling me Spoil, a film he directed and I helped put together, was selected to Telluride, Colorado's Mountainfilm festival, which starts a week from today. This is where I gush. Telluride's surrounded by 13,000-foot peaks and is an inspiring place, but never more so than during the four days of Mountainfilm. A short list of this year’s invitees and speakers includes New York Times columnist Roger Cohen and Vali Nar, an advisor to the late Ambassador Richard Holbrooke. They’ll be discussing what the Arab Springs means for the new Middle East; writer Bill McKibben will talk food with Curt Ellis, the director of the Peabody-award winning film King Corn. And Outside’s Editor Chris Keyes has will be sitting down with anthropologist Ted Callahan to discuss Greg Mortenson and the fallout of the 60 Minutes controversy. And all this in a two hour block of coffee talks on Saturday morning.  That's to say nothing about the films, or Sunday's talks (Jimmy Chin, M. Sanjayan, Craig Childs, Outside editor Joe Spring, Ben Stookesberry, Dikembe Mutombo…).

Here’s the lineup of films selected for this year’s festival. Many are brilliant. You may recognize some—If a Tree Falls, Cold, Wildwater–from the pages of Outside, or from trailers we’ve posted here on Outside Online. Every day for the next week, we’ll be posting a trailer from a film playing at this year's Mountainfilm. First up, a shameless plug: Spoil. Enjoy.

–Kyle Dickman 


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