Telluride Mountainfilm: Three Reasons to Smile

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This year's Mountainfilm, which starts Friday in Telluride, Colorado, features three films about happiness. Here are their trailers. The first, called simply Happy, is an 80-minute feature film from Roko Belic, who directed the Academy-Award nominated Genghis Blues. To shoot Happy, Belic trotted the globe, travelling between 14 countries in search of universal truths about happiness. The film asks, We know what makes humans depressed, but what makes us happy? This trailer does a nice job.

The second is I Am, a journey about one man's attempt to discover all that's wrong with the world.The film premiered at Mountainfilm last year, and won the Audience Choice award largely because the director, Tom Shadyac, revealed in 80 minutes all that's right with the world.

The third is an 11-minute short, Mr. Happy Man, from director Matt Morris about a man in Bermuda who wakes up every day at 3 a.m. to tell drivers caught in traffic that he loves them.

Mr. Happy Man trailer from Matt Morris on Vimeo.

For more info on Mountainfilm, check out this post. More trailers coming tomorrow.

–Kyle Dickman

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