Three Stories to Read on Memorial Day


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Many people use Memorial Day to mark the start of their summer. More importantly, it's a day to remember those who served and died in the United States Armed Forces. Here are three Outside features that document the sacrifices made by men and women in the military.

Fire on the Mountain
By Brian Mockenhaupt
The road was so narrow that when I looked down I saw only water. “I don’t fear heights,” said the gunner. “I have a fear of being spattered into unrecognizable red matter.”

The Other Side of the Mountain
By Brian Mockenhaupt
The U.S. military has always excelled at training soldiers, but they've had a tougher time helping them adjust to peace. The author joins 11 combat veterans in Nepal as they test the most promising new postwar therapy: adventure.

Why Noah Went to the Woods
By Mark Sundeen
He was a proud Marine who survived three ­brutal tours in Iraq and had plans to redeploy with the ­national guard. But when 30-year-old Noah ­Pippin ­vanished inside Montana’s remote Bob ­Marshall ­Wilderness, he left behind a trail of haunting secrets—and a mystery that may never be solved.

—Joe Spring

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