Top 10 Blogs of April

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So many things happened in the Outside world this April that we understand you not keeping track of everything. Here are the highlights, including some wicked mountain-bike porn, Outside's best covers, a bit on the Greg Mortenson controversy, and a love letter.

Number 10:
An Interview with the River Monster's Jeremy Wade

Number 9:
Access to All Things Christopher McCandless

Number 8:
Video: The Love Letter

The Love Letter from Fitz Cahall and Bryan Smith on Vimeo.

Number 7:
The Gear Junkie – Inov 8 Road Shoe

Number 6:
AZT300 Gets a New King‚ Ummm Queen

Number 5:
The Tour of Flanders, Firsthand

Number 4:
The Top 10 Best Outside Magazine Photos Ever

Number 3:
The Top 10 MTB Clips Part 2

Number 2:
Top 10 MTB Clips Part 1

Number 1:
Can't Get There from Here



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