The Top 10 International Olympic Athletes to Follow on Twitter


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Last week, we published a list of the top 10 United States Olympians to follow on Twitter. We also broke down the social media guidelines at the Games and threw in some choice quotes from steamed athletes. This week, Greece expelled the first Olympic athlete for tweets. The Associared Press reported that “triple jumper Voula Papachristou was expelled from Greece's Olympic team Wednesday for her comments on Twitter mocking African immigrants and expressing support for a far-right party.”

Before anyone else gets expelled, here are the top 10 international Olympic athletes to follow on Twitter.

10. @VCampbellBrown (Veronica Campbell Brown)
Sprinter, Jamaica
BEST FOR: Positive thoughts
“Not the result I wanted. But I am thankful that I am healthy and have the opportunity to move forward towards the Olympics.” July 17

9. @ManuGinobili
Basketball, Argentina
BEST FOR: Reading tweets in two languages
“Done with the preparation! Leaving Spain right now & heading to London. Can't wait to be in the village. 4 days to Game1.” July 25
“Se acabó la estadía en Barcelona, una maravilla! Volveré cuando tenga más tiempo. Ahora Londres, última escala!” July 25

8. @AD_Niyonshuti (Adrien Niyonshuti)
Cyclist, Rwanda
BEST FOR: Getting a response
On July 24, he responded to seven people, quick and to the point.

7. @TomDaley1994
Diver, Great Britain
BEST FOR: Detailed updates, pictures, and 🙂
“For those asking…my first competition is on 30th July at 3pm 🙂 it will be the synchro platform event with @PeterWaterfield :)” July 25

6. @ItsStephRice (Stephanie Rice)
Swimmer, Australia
BEST FOR: Goofiness
“Interesting set up at the pool… Don't know how I'm feeling about unisex communal toilets hahaha 25

5. @Njr92 (Neymar Junior)
Soccer, Brazil
BEST FOR: Anyone who wants an excuse to learn Portuguese
“bora treinaar neh… A caminho do CT do Arsenal!” July 24

4. @DjokerNole (Novak Djokovic)
Tennis, Serbia
BEST FOR: References to the tennis court as something else
“I'm officially back in the office!I hit couple of balls with Maria, trust me-she didn't take it easy on me 🙂 21

3. @OscarPistorius
Sprinter, South Africa
BEST FOR: Sheer number of tweets
He posted more than 15 tweets and retweets on July 24, including responses to tweets posted about what he’s eating.
“Ur legs not big enough already?! Ha RT @carlpistorius: @OscarPistorius HULK leg sesh backed up with a high fat high protein lamb salad! #nomJuly 24

2. @UsainBolt
Sprinter, Jamaica
BEST FOR: Photos and updates involving Usain Bolt, from the track to the hotel room to, um…

“Just posted a photo 23
“Just posted a photo 25

1. @PaulaJRadcliffe
Marathoner, Great Britain (There is a chance she may not compete due to injury)
BEST FOR: An honest opinion
“World 1500m leader( strike that off) Alaoui Selsouli(MAR)will miss Olympics as she's tested positive at Paris DL. Good riddance,no surprise” July 23

—Joe Spring

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