An Update From Outside‘s Readers of the Year

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A few months have gone by since we were honored by the team at Outside, and its high time we gave you an update.

Kristian and I have been in hot pursuit of our dreams and vision, which are inspired by a world with clean and healthy watersheds so we and future generations can all enjoy the evolution of paddling and exploring the natural world.

We are coming very close to realizing our plan of creating Streetview for Rivers through our Riverview Project and partnerships with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Geological Survey. This highlights the issue of global proportions that we're squared up against.

Concurrently, our Driving Innovation program continues to push the boundaries of manliness and bravado, as team riders Kristian Gustavson and Devin Chatterjie recently set the speed record for an algae fueled dirt bike powered by a diesel engine. This represents the solution to the issue—sparing rivers from being a dumping grounds for industrial and residential pollution by using those pollutants as feedstock for algae to create high energy yielding bio-fuels.

Stay tuned. There is lots more to come about our adventures, our partnerships and the people that inspire us as we prepare to launch a phone application with teams of explorers concurrently paddling thousands of miles along some of America's most iconic rivers, to begin our Riverview Project on the Sacramento River in California, and continue to test our fleet of vehicles with new forms of algae-based biofuels.

We'll see you around the bend.

Gratefully yours,
Jared and Kristian
Outside Magazine Readers of the Year and Chief Inspiration Officers

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