Videos: Flying Too Close to the Ground?


Think Icarus in reverse. The following recently posted videos showcase extreme athletes pushing the limits of flying.

The Adventure Life posted the following video of two basejumpers pulling their chutes dangerously close to the ground.

Untitled from Steve Casimiro on Vimeo.

On, Rocky Thompson threw up Jeb Corliss' latest highlight reel, complete with a quote from Helen Keller and Prodigy soundtrack. Corliss flies through a canyon, a few feet from a ridge line,  next to an iconic landmark, and between trees at breakneck speeds.

After watching these two videos, you might wonder what makes people take such risks? Roughly two years ago, we sent Florence Williams on a mission to find out. She turned up neurologists trying to map the noodles  of adrenaline junkies.

–Joe Spring