This Week’s Missing Links, April 27, 2012


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A round-up of the best videos, photos, and stories I didn’t get a chance to post.


Usain Bolt thinks people expect him to run 9.4 seconds in the 100.

A profile of the woman who represents Botswana’s best chance for gold.


Husband and wife on an 11,700-mile kayak, canoe, and dog sled journey across North America.

5Point Film Festival takes place this weekend.

In case you didn’t find enough timelapses on your own this week, here’s one from Yosemite.

Dave Hahn’s five simple (in theory) steps to become a mountaineer.

Pay attention to these Copp/Dash award winners.

de Le Rue. de Le Rue. de Le Rue.

Retelling the story of a local boy’s chance for glory on waves just outside New York City.

Santa Cruz becomes a world surfing reserve.

“That Cartier-Bresson moment that is hard to achieve on land is 10 times harder to achieve underwater, because you’re swimming around with a large housing with arms as long as 24 inches and attached to the end of the arms are your strobes. Sometimes you’re using six or seven strobes or large surface-powered H.M.I. movie lights.” David Doubilet on taking an underwater photo.

Health and Fitness

Using a bachelorette aprty as an excuse for a workout.

Ferreting out the evolution of runner’s high.


The space shuttle’s final flight takes it to New York City.

A solar system movie to awe you.

A video of half-mile-wide snowballs punching through Saturns rings.

The coolest data center job in the world, ahem, literally.

A rare appearance for an extremely rare cat—as caught by a camera trap.

Design/Tech and Gear

A video profile of Michael Graves. (I know, only one in this category. Just watch this.)


A new documentary packed with family drama and life-and-death acrobatics.

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–Joe Spring

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