This Week’s Missing Links, July 14


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The best videos, photos, and articles I didn't post this week—until now.


The search to find an autistic boy in the wilds of Virginia, Outside

Meet the woman with the most Olympic medals, Sports Illustrated

Britain's Olympic bodies, The Guardian

The Body Issue, ESPN

Lost during the Mount Marathon Race, Alaska Daily News

Raccoon attack, Runner’s World

An Invitation to Save the Waves, Surfer’s Village

Kiteboarding to replace windsurfing in the Rio Olympics, The New York Times

Sending his hardest route at age 56, DPM Climbing

Why do so many top sprinters come from Jamaica? CNN

The Olympic Buzz, Blake Vs. Bolt, and the Tour de France, The Science of Sport

How the BBC is building the first social Olympics, Co.Create

Jed Noll on his father, Surfline

The little known history of how the Olympics got their start, Smithsonian

The Irish priest who trains Olympic gold medalists, Outside

A ” target=”_blank” title=”Teva Mountain Games”>video recap of the Teva Mountain Games, Teva

On shooting the Tour of Rwanda, PDN


A gold rush in the abyss, The New York Times

The amazing testicle-eating fish, The Huffington Post

The pirates of the rainforest, The Sierra Club

There's been a big leap in rattlesnake bites in California this year, Marin News

On hunting polar bears, L.A. Times

The ecology of disease, The New York Times

South Dakota, meet the Asian silver carp, Grind TV

Black Diamond CEO and Founder Peter Metcalf resigns from Utah Ski and Snowboard Industry Working Group, Black Diamond

Poachers murder seven at reserve in Congo, Discovery

Last days in Patagonia, The New Yorker


Warning: The air you're running in isn't clean, Co.Exist

Can the world’s fastest shoe really have come from a printer? Co.Design

World’s first solar ski lift, Discover Siemen’s Africa

The next great airplane design, CNET

Would you run in a hamster wheel to save the earth? Outside

Weekend Cabin: Bovina, New York, The Adventure Journal


Will we ever run the 100m under nine seconds? BBC

Why less power output in the Tour de France may be a good sign, Science of Sport

What does that concussion you had a long time ago mean now? The New York Times Well

Does stress slow your recovery? Sweat Science

A bit of background on why we sunburn, Scientific American


Dancing around the world again, The New York Times


Photos of people reading around the world, Steve McCurry

Chasing danger, capturing beauty, The New York Times Lens

Summer freeze, PDN

 —Joe Spring