This Week’s Missing Links, June 8


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The best stories, photos, and videos I didn't post this week—until now.


Alex Honnold does an interview from Yosemite immediately after completing The Triple Crown. The North Face

A 40-year-old runs a sub-four-minute mile. Runner's World

So, you're saying my BASE jump wasn't a world record? CNN

 Reporting from behind the walls of the American Alpine Library. Adventure Journal

Pictures from the front lines of battling forest fires. Wired

Who wants to be an expedition leader on TV? National Geographic Adventure

Meet this year's Surfing Hall of Fame class. Shop Eat Surf via Adventure Journal

On the ASP's decision to suspend the competition at Cloudbreak. ESPN

WADA's decision to add an Olympic ban. BBC

The summits of his life. Killian Jornet

She's still out there. Outside

Science and the Environment

I'm your Venus pictures. The New Yorker

A few words on North Carolina's approach to dealing, or not dealing, with climate change. The Colbert Report

“We didn't know if we were pulling up a sunken boat, a monster shark, a school bus—we had no idea which it was.” Our Amazing Planet

Carbon dioxide hits 400 ppm in Barrow, Alaska. Research Matters

A hard-hitting shrimp study about an animal that's not a shrimp. Discovery

What happens to mosquitos when it rains? Can you film that? The New York Times

The Rio report card. Nature

No placenta? No problem. Science

Health and Fitness

Slather on. Slather on. The New York Times Well

Second and third helpings on whether too much running is bad for you. Runner's World

The Paleo diet moves into the doctor's office. NPR Shots

The most common running injuries, and how to avoid them. Greatist


The soccer ball that powers a lightbulb. Vimeo

Right, but I have a 1D. YouTube

What should I wear at Everest Base Camp? Outside


Would you sleep in a 300-year-old tree? Gadling


A lot of people are filming tarp surfing. Vimeo

Boy goes swimming. Fish goes into his lungs. Boy goes into surgery. The Stir

—Joe Spring