This Week’s Missing Links, May 11, 2012

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Here’s the stuff I liked, but didn’t post, just in case you’re looking for something to read or watch this weekend.


In Praise of Moms Who Crush

Requiem for a Mullethead: RIP Adam Yauch

Drew Brees and co. paddle out for Junior Seau.

The road taken by ocean rower Roz Savage, who wrote her own obituary and then decided to quit her job on her way to becoming an adventurer.

Remembering Maurice Sendak and his amazing books on real and imagined adventures.

Standing up for a teen BMX athlete killed in a hit and run.

A new use for military drones in action sports videos.

Daniel Woods climbs “Mission Impossible,” one of Colorado’s hardest routes.

A walk inside the weird and wonderful world of the Adler brothers. 

Science and Environment

The animal equivalent of Alex Honnold.

Park ranger does the right thing and gets punished.

Grim photos from the BP disaster released two years later.

EPA employee who warned about caustic dust gets job back.

Video of a tornado tearing up Japan.

A roadkill count for cyclists.

Plastics in the ocean increase, and water striders benefit.

Laboratory Confidential,” by Jonathan Weiner


The Frequent Fliers Who Flew Too Much

Could I please have a scotch on the Richard Branson rocks?

Design and Tech

Volkswagen outdoes the Beetle design with a hover car.

Elon Musk blogs about Tesla’s new electric car that could get more than 300 miles a charge.

Can you please make me a really cool avalance gun and then show me a video of how you did it?


A H.I.I.T. five-minute video about the ultimate 20-minute workout.

Exercise and stronger bones.

Joggers live five years, or more, longer.

NFL players are … healthy?


A really awesome day in the life of a child, filmed with a Go Pro.

Presenting the elephant blues, as played by a real elephant.

An indescribably cool video short.

–Joe Spring

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