This Week’s Missing Links: May 18, 2012

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A quick round-up of the week's best links.


A profile of 11-year-old climbing prodigy Ashima Shiraishi.

Who says it gets too cold in Colorado for winter bouldering? Not this guy.

Start saving your pennies. A $500,000 trip to Mars isn't out of the question.

The latest video from Red Bull features gliders and skydivers.

How much money do track and field athletes make?

An epic Chilean adventure.

GoPros + Quadcopters + Mountainbikes = This video

A profile of climber Chad Kellogg as he attempts a speed record on Everest.


Meet America's new top dog.

A scientific call and response on a book about creativity.

Where in the world are all of the container ships?

The first cave art, found in a prehistoric living room, was better suited for a bathroom.

The burnings.


Merritt spouts off on Pistorius.

An Olympic marathoner's tragic weakness.

Health and Fitness

Coffee drinkers live longer, as long as they don't do a bunch of other addictive stuff.

How does training affect your perception of pain?

Skechers owners get their money back.

Healthy food is a better deal than junk food, if you measure it a certain way. (And, of course, you're close to a place that sells it.)


World's oldest backpacker heads to Europe.

Design and Tech

A laser for measuring your cycling output.


How does photography connect us to the world?

A window into the photography of Gordon Parks.

—Joe Spring

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