This Week’s Missing Links, May 4, 2012

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Here's some of the best stuff from around the Web.


Norwegian swimmer Alexander Dale Oen dies after training in Flagstaff, Arizona. 

The PBS American Experience show on Jesse Owens.

Check out this town in Kenya that is made for marathoners.

Health and Fitness

Sleeping longer doesn't necessarily make you fat.

Scientists publish a study in January that smoking marijuana in moderate amounts isn't bad for your lungs. This week, another group of scientists says that study may be flawed because the people surveyed don't have memories that can be relied on. (The original scientists disagree.)


Forecasting the path of marine debris from the Japan tsunami.

Canada cuts jobs at their parks.

Are we seeing the birth of the “cycling vote“?

Roof racks will cut your miles per gallon.

Scientists, students, and GoPro team up to get high resolution images of the Aurora Borealis.


A day in Venice.


The story behind the rockfall that killed two climbers.

Man shoots grizzly. Another grizzly attacks man. Thirteen-year-old son bandages man. Son and man fly out.

Rwandan cycling team biking to London.

Apparently, this kayaking video series is coming soon…

A pretty amazing slow-mo skateboarding video.


An interview with Yvon Chouinard. The environmental movement is dead. Long live the environmental movement.

The man who repaired his own heart.


An old school photo project called Silver and Light.

Do not dress your babies in Zebra stripes and bring them by the lion cage at the zoo. (Unless your zoo has very thick windows.)

Jon Krakauer says writing is like rock climbing.

–Joe Spring

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