This Week’s Missing Links, October 13


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9.79* debuted on ESPN this week.

The best articles, photos, and videos that I didn't post this week—until now. If you only have time to click on one link, go to “Girl Shot by Taliban in Critical Condition After Surgery,” in The New York Times.


Why Lance Armstrong is no longer “the longest-running Rorschach test in sports.” Outside

“It is certainly not a one-sided hatchet job, it is pretty damning,” said cyclist Bradley Wiggins. Cycling Weekly

No comment from the U.S. attorney's office on why they dropped the Lance Armstrong case, Velo News

How Christian Vande Velde's passion for cycling led to corruption, The New York Times

A ride through fútbol's scariest underworld, Outside

“I woke up on September 24 to something that I had long expected: a major disaster on Manaslu…” Outside

Pointless records department: man runs marathon in suit in 2:35:53. Runner's World

Grigori Rasputin, thru-hiker, Adventure Journal

Doctor stops his race to revive runner, Runner's World

A tribute to the 34 people who died in avalanches in 2012, ESPN

Cyclist killed in Chicago after swerving to avoid a car door, Chicago Tribune

Ethiopians sweep the Chicago Marathon, The New York Times

Skier Lindsey Vonn wants to race the boys, The New York Times

That Malcolm Gladwell and Bill Simmons podcast that so many people are talking about, Grantland


One reason not to listen to your teachers. The report card of a Nobel Prize winning scientist calls his dreams of becoming a scientist “ridiculous.” Washington Post

How to photograph fracking, The New York Times Lens

The nasty environmental impacts of making snow, Outside

How amped were they to win this? A Nobel Prize for figuring out how adrenaline works. The New York Times

Should the Georgia Aquarium be allowed to have wild caught beluga whales? Wired

How bird wings work, Brain Pickings

How cell phones helped researchers track malaria in Kenya, NPR

Why do some people bounce back from horrible trauma, and others, not so much? Science

The sharp shape of frozen water, Science

This Chinese turtle urinates through its mouth (sort of), Not Exactly Rocket Science


How testosterone may alter the brain after exercise, The New York Times Well

A 570lb. man decides to take up cyclocross, NPR


The Navy's new ROV is designed to save men trapped in submarines, Gizmodo

An underwater bike for beautiful people, The Atlantic

Miniature worlds assembled from hundreds of photographs, It's Colossal


What writers can learn by listening to the solos of Miles Davis, The New York Times

And in news this week from Florida… Man dies in a cockroach-eating contest in which the champion won a python. Globe and Mail

“It started out like a Rambo movie and ended up like Woody Allen.” On the killing of a Mexican drug dingpin. The New York Times

Some of the best ways to battle creative block apparently involve a fair amount of procrastination? Fast Co.

The Jumper Squad,” The New York Times

—Joe Spring