This Week’s Missing Links, October 20


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The best articles, videos, and photos that I didn't post this week—until now. If you only click on one link, make it the Australian Broadcasting Company's documentary, “The World According to Lance,” a 45-minute investigative report.

For the best longreads, check out Daniel D. Snyder's “Weekend Reading: A Clockwork Planet.”


An exhaustive documentary on the doping charges against Lance Armstrong—no reading required, Australian Broadcasting Company, via @AlexHeard and @BillGifford

Welcome to a tropical diving and fishing paradise, where the vestiges of hell lie just below the surface, Outside

The pioneering French skier who lived to 100, Ski Club via Adventure Journal

Number one on the list of places not to break into? How about a surf house that serves as a refuge for photographers and videographers. Transworld Surf

Will all of the foreign coaches without a permit please leave Kenya? Actually, you must leave. Runner's World

On the life of a controversial Italian cyclist, Cycling News 

AMNESTY! AMNESTY! AMNESTY! Maybe says the head of WADA. Wait, what? Australian Broadcasting Company

And Oakley stands alone, Bicycling

What were you on Nike?

Levi Leipheimer lets loose, Press Democrat

Tattooed guy lets loose, The New York Times

Accusations that Nike was involved in Armstrong doping cover-up, New York Daily News

Armstrong's former teammate lets loose, in front of Nike headquarters, Cycling News

How Lance Armstrong failed to intimidate the tough-as-nails Betsy Andreu, Velo News

A history of Lance Armstrong stories, Outside

Ah, yes. The old polar bear fail. (Bad, bad language) Adventure Journal

Why are more people dying in avalanches? ESPN

What is wrong with Everest? Alan Arnette

One giant leap for man, many giant leaps for business, Wall Street Journal

Or, fascinating take on what Red Bull got wrong during Felix Baumgartner's big, big jump, Amy Shira Teital via Not Exactly Rocket Science

This guy doped in order to make bank by winning a select group of running races, The New York Times


The Science of Storytelling,” Byliner

If you're looking for someone new to read, we suggest checking out this list of the best women science writers, Not Exactly Rocket Science

If your lobster goes missing, don't blame this big guy. Studies show, he prefers shrimp. Science

How to drag a shark by the tail, The Telegraph

Heading home after a lot of time on the open ocean, and then hanging 10, The New York Times

Not my list, but not a bad one. The five best environmental books in history, Mother Nature Network

A simple way to prevent cars from hitting antelopes in Wyoming, The New York Times

The best dinosaur name ever is Pliosaurus funkei, but is its bone-crunching reputation downright wrong? Wired


Get up. Stand up. Just stop sitting. The New York Times

A 3:30 marathon at the age of 81, Runner's World … and not to be outdone, a world record velodrome record, by a 100-year-old man, Grind TV

Amazing but pointless record department: a 2:46 marathon in flip flops, Runner's World

More myths of running, from heel strike to barefoot tendencies, The New York Times

Do you need help drafting in your next road race? Here's where you should run behind the sucker in front of you. Sweat Science

Why you shouldn't skip breakfast, The Guardian via Not Exactly Rocket Science

The world's best athletes share recipes for their favorite meals, Outside


Please start up the cow poop engine. People need to get up to the slopes in a clean way. Adventure Journal

And the number one award for 2012 ski gear perfectly designed for a bank robber goes to… (jeans not included if you choose to wear it on the slopes), Gizmodo

Inside a not-secret-anymore Google data center, PetaPixel

Are compression tights worth the money? Outside


The best fact-checking response in Outside history, Outside

The expanse of North Dakota in a nutshell, The Atlantic

The photographic journey of a priest, The New York Times Lens

Turns out Lance Armstrong wasn't the biggest drug cheat in history. Check out this guy… Chris Rock

A photographer wins a big prize for shooting the U.S. side of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and will use the proceeds to shoot the civilian side, The New York Times Lens

—Joe Spring