This Week’s Missing Links, October 6


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Cheetah: Nature's Speed Machine, by Jacob O'Neal A few facts on the cheetah, via Not Exactly Rocket Science. Go to Jacob O'Neal's website for a larger gif.

The best articles, videos, and photos I didn't post this week—until now. If you only have time to click on one link, make it, “Aftermath of a Tragedy,” Devon O'Neil's detailed account of what happened on Manaslu.


Swiss court finds Floyd Landis guilty of defaming UCI chiefs, BBC

How Greg LeMond responded to the UCI's request that he change his tune, Cycling News

A Kickstarter expedition comes to a halt. Shouldn't someone be saying something? Outside

Who wants to squeeze red stag poop for water? Bear Grylls to open a survival school in Scotland. The Gear Junkie

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle worked as a surgeon on a whaling ship and clubbed seals, Yahoo News

A few words on the recovery of skier Sally Francklyn, Elevation Outdoors

Cyclists on a trail of tacks left on a New York City bridge, Gothamist

How to identify the four types of sandbagging, Adventure Journal

Brooklyn cyclist killed in hit and run, New York Daily News

Keeping goats off the trails—with paint guns, Yahoo News

There's one spot left on the ASP Women's World Tour, ASP

What happened on Manaslu? ESPN

Body of Remy Lecluse found on Manaslu, NDTV

The world's hardest rock climb just went down, Outside

A sister continues her brother's adventure legacy, National Geographic Adventure

Amazing tilt-shift images of Teahupo'o, Club of the Waves

Hollywood's best survival scenes, and the science behind what you should do in four common survival situations, Outside


Can dolphins communicate with us? Outside

What Hurricane Isaac left behind, New Orleans Times Picayune

The clearest summary yet of what happened with biologist Charles Monnett and those drowned polar bears, The New York Times

Three elephant guards murdered in Chad, National Geographic

Great white sharks have individual tastes,

The Great Barrier Reef loses half of its coral reef cover in 27 years, National Geographic

The consequences of being a manatee cowboy, Treehugger

Scientific paper retractions due mostly to misdeeds, not mistakes, NPR Shots

Captain Paul Watson sounds off on Western Australia's shark hunt, Beach Carolina

Using drones to monitor poaching in Nepal, Scientific American

Costa Rica may ban sport hunting, Scientific American

Black mamba venom can cause convulsions, cardiac arrest, and death in 15 minutes. It also has a painkilling chemical. Not Exactly Rocket Science

Vietnam's last alleged Siamese crocodile killed,

How do bees make blue-green honey? Treehugger


A few words on bike seats and sex, Harvard

A few words on how hard you need to run to get runner's high, Sweat Science

How sunlight weakens your skin, NPR Shots

Why do my hands swell on long hikes? Outside


Cow's vaginas now able to send booty texts, Grist

A Hubble mash-up of a starry night, Wired

An emergency submersible for tsunamis, Wired

A prefab gym designed for low-income areas, Fast.Co

A new wetsuit design to help deter sharks, Adventure Journal


The 2012 MacArthur Fellows, The New York Times

The women soldiers patrolling India's border, The New York Times Lens

The blind faith of the one-eyed matador, GQ

President Obama to establish national monument for César E. Chávez, The White House

An argument for single page articles, Slate

—Joe Spring