This Week’s Missing Links, September 1


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The best articles, photos, and videos of the past week that I didn't post—until now.


That Associated Press article on Tyler Hamilton's new book missed the mark. Read this. Outside 

A former personal assistant to Lance Armstrong sounds off, and Armstrong's lawyer responds, Outside

“It’s a big, hot, steaming enema bag filled with purifying truth for a sport that has dodged it for far too long.” Outside

Donations to Livestrong spike on the day after news about his decision not to pursue arbitration, Reuters

Why more details from the USADA could come out during Johan Bruyneel's arbitration, New York Daily News

A quick post on the history of doping in cycling, from coca leaf to EPO, Scientific American via Adventure Journal

A hiker’s camera offers clue to first death from a grizzly bear in Denali, Alaska Daily News

Man bitten by crocodile during toilet break, MSN

How Diane Nyad prepped for her swims, Greatist

A short history of taking photos from space, The New York Times Lens

Hiker killed in rock slide 11 miles southeast of Aspen, Aspen Times

The first lady of Irish bog snorkeling, Wired

Wheelchair athletes makes history with 50-foot megaramp jump, Grind TV


When the female starts blowing bubbles, apparently that means sex is over. At least for whales. New Scientist

Arctic sea ice hits new low for satellite era, Dot Earth

An impassioned take on record low ice in the Arctic. George Monbiot bodyslams governments, then taunts with some Shakespeare. The Guardian

The tiny new fish species with genitalia on head. National Geographic

Drinking too much beer too fast? Blame it on that glass. Science

For climate change, a possible trial to echo the Scopes Monkey case, The New York Times Green

Release the hounds, on the beach, to keep the waters safe from bad bacteria, Science

Carefully watching the whale-poop sniffing oracle, The New York Times

Amazon Indians say massacre in the jungle. Government says no signs, Associated Press


A few words on measuring calories in food, Scientific American

Normal-weight individuals with belly fat have a higher rate of problems, Science Daily

Finding your ideal running form, The New York Times Well

Debunking the hunter-gatherer workout, The New York Times

A few words on the value of interval training, The New York Times Well


It's the final season of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations, Gadling

A few words on the future of Yemen, National Geographic

Rising deaths of tourists prompts bar closures on a river in Laos, Gadling


Tracking tornadoes, hurricanes, and fires beautifully, Adventure Journal

A simple tribute to Neil Armstrong, Fast.Co

First steps towards a robotic leg suit, Scientific American

Snowpulse avalanche packs recalled, Adventure Journal


Going long with fireworks, It's Colossal

A reporter's dispatch on the rebels in Syria, The New York Times

—Joe Spring