This Week’s Missing Links, September 15


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The articles, videos, and photos I didn't post this week—until now. If you have time to read only one article from this list, read “Obama's Way,” by Michael Lewis in Vanity Fair.


Why did 10 people die this past spring on Everest? Outside

After his boat sank, an Alaska teen spent 26 hours in a floating 4×4 foot plastic container before rescue, BBC

World’s first ever underwater marathon, WHPTV

If you see an eager dolphin while you're diving in Grand Cayman, get out of the water. He's horny and aggressive. Adventure Journal

Tracking down a gunman who murdered a ranger and fled into the backcountry of Mount Rainier National Park, Outside

Runner's World's Amby Burfoot says to let Lance Armstrong run the Chicago marathon, Runner’s World

Another take on The Secret Race, The Skeptic

Daniel Coyle talks about The Secret Race, Bicycling


The scary side of Putin's stunt flying in front of cranes. Masha Gessen, the editor fired for not covering the flight, explains. The New York Times

The effect of Himalayan glacial lake studies on Sherpas, BBC

Twenty-three thousand people from 33 states apply for one of 6,000 wolf hunting permits in Minnesota, Scientific American

The world's shiniest living thing is a small and pretty fruit, with little nutritional value. Figures. Not Exactly Rocket Science

Study shows cheetahs hind limbs (for power and acceleration) and front paws (for quick turns) packed with fast twitch muscle fibers, BBC

Jaws cameraman turned conservationist Ron Clark dies, The Guardian

Secrets of a flower that exists only on two Spanish cliffs, lives up to 300 years, and needs love from ants, Not Exactly Rocket Science

Adult killer whales are mama's boys. Science backs it up. (FYI—This study is packed with great facts, like the only three animals that have menopause.) Science

Death toll climbs in Congo Ebola outbreak, NPR Shots

A ghastly odor from the Salton Sea blows all the way to Los Angeles, The New York Times

More than a century of warming in 30 seconds, Mother Jones

A journalist reporting on illegal logging practices in Cambodia is murdered, Dot Earth

What pythons in the Everglades eat for breakfast: “Primarily mammals and birds, with some alligators,” Yale E360


How testosterone may alter the brain after exercise, The New York Times Well

Where traffic noise takes a toll on health, NPR Shots

How to sit in a chair, Core Performance

An inside look at how VO2 Max is measured, Runblogger

Can using a computer before bed disrupt sleep? The New York Times Well

Big sugary drinks are banned in NYC, and the measure will take effect in six months. Don't worry, milkshakes are not on the list. The New York Times


That water tower would make an awesome house, Treehugger

Wearable robotics, The New York Times

A model's eye view from the runway. The first film shot with Glass comes courtesy of a designer and her friends, Popular Science

How Google builds its maps, and what it means for the future of everything, The Atlantic


What places people searched on Google Maps over the course of the summer, Mashable


Michael Lewis shadows the president, Vanity Fair

Lava poured on ice, Fast.Co

A history of war photography, The New Yorker

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—Joe Spring