This Week’s Missing Links, September 22


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The best articles, videos, and photos that I didn't post this week—until now. If you only have time to read one link this week, read, “How Silent Spring Ignited the Environmental Movement,” by Eliza Griswold.


Read this. You won’t be sorry. And apply next year for the Outside Adventure Grant. Outside

The UCI goes after a journalist, but not Tyler Hamilton, Cycling News

Remembering skateboarding and snowboarding pioneer Tom Sims, ESPN

Man who was adrift at sea for 106 days credits a shark with helping to save him, Grind TV

The Colorado man who left his dog on a 14er gives her to rescuer. Should search and rescue be responsible for pets? Denver Post

Astronaut completes a “triathlon” on the International Space Station, Dvice

Examining the climb and death of Shriya Shah-Klorfine on Everest this past spring, CBC News

What adventures are actually left?” Quite a few, actually…. BBC

Watch out. Kelly Slater is making his move. Adventure Journal

How the storm on Manaslu is affecting climbing and skiing expeditions, The Adventure Blog

or dolphin? A brief moment of panic at the Hurley Pro
. Grind TV


How Silent Spring Ignited the Environmental Movement,” The New York Times

Checking in on the status of U.S. wolf populations, Washington Post

Why the Scottish wildcat is staring extinction in the face, The Observer

Can conservationists convince a religious group to switch their garb from leopard skins to faux fur? CNN

The race is on for arctic resources, The New York Times

Jeffrey Gettleman talks about reporting his story on elephant poaching in Africa, Yale E360

Richard Leakey sounds off on new IUCN elephant resolution, National Geographic

 Photographer Steve Winter on photographing tigers, yes, but also on capturing the whole story around them. The New York Times

Health care workers have contracted 23 of the 72 cases of Ebola identified in the Democratic Republic of Congo since May, NPR Shots

The most endangered canid on the planet, Treehugger

Sequencing the DNA of the extinct Carolina Parakeet, The Guardian

Super sparkly macro shots of dew-covered insects. It's Colossal

The best Ig Nobel Prize of the year may have been the literature prize, which was handed to “The U.S. government general accountability office, for issuing a report about reports about reports that recommends the preparation of a report about the report about reports about reports. The Guardian

Timelapse of a giant tarantula shedding it's skin, Huffington Post

Welcome news for disgusting men, or just men in general. Sexually aroused women are harder to gross out. Scientific American

T-Rex had a max bite force of 12,800 pounds, which is the equiva­lent of 13 Steinway Model D concert grand pianos slamming down, Smithsonian

it turns out, don’t bumble
.” Using radar tracking devices to track the
bees' paths. Scientific American


Paul Ryan, Ubermensch, Slate

rats show signs of opiatelike withdrawal when their sugar is taken
,” The New York Times Well

The 10 Laws of Running Injuries, Runner’s World

marathon hazard: train delays, Runner's World


It’s the destination, not the flight, that will make you sick, The Globe and Mail

An hour-long interview with Pico Iyer, World Hum


Picturing everyday life in Africa, The New York Times Lens

The Longform Guide to Writing Non-Fiction, Slate

The 100 best photographers of all time, A Photo Editor

you want a picture, you get that picture, under all circumstances.”
South African photographer Peter Magubane. The New York Times Lens

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—Joe Spring