This Week’s Missing Links, September 8


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The best articles, photos, and videos that I didn't post this week—until now.

If you only have time to check out one of these links, read “Elephants dying in epic frenzy as ivory fuels wars and profits,” from The New York Times.


Everyone else remembers their grandma’s marathon time, The New Yorker

Tyler Hamilton on his new book, Outside

Ueli Steck climbs, then paraglides, Adventure Journal

Martin Litton receives a lifetime achievement award from Canoe and Kayak, Grind TV

Chicago Marathon says no to Lance Armstrong, Runner’s World

Viva Patagonia, First Ascent,

Carving the world’s longest waves 34 times, Wired Playbook

Pistorius vs. Oliveira, round 4, Science of Sport

“So you realize what really (matters) was the effort that you put in
daily in order to build something special. Because when the championship
arrives, you cannot expect to meet happiness that day, otherwise you
don't get there. It's the process.” —Former Formula One driver Alex Zanardi after winning Paralympic gold, Associated Press

Weeding Devils Tower, a climber's dream job, Adventure Journal

World's longest lost message in a bottle is a … wait for it … government survey. With a reward that can't be paid. Associated Press

A day in the life of a fire lookout is slow, but if you like timelapsesVimeo 

The best river towns in America, Outside 

R.I.P. Burning Man, San Francisco Magazine


Elephants dying in epic frenzy as ivory fuels wars and profits, The New York Times

Cool picture you have to see, an X-ray of a stingray, Amazing Planet

Obama and Romney on science, Science Debate

 You can wash disease off an embryo, put that embryo in a new mom, and get a disease free baby? What it means for bison. Scientific American

The quest for beaver has arguably had more impact on American history than the pursuit of any other single natural resource…Scientific American

Watch Isaac morph from a tropical storm into a hurricane that hits Lousiana in this video, NASA

Deforestation is killing Madagascar’s coral reefs, Monga Bay

Following up on a cougar sighting in Winnetka, Illinois, Chicago Tribune

There are no otters here, Outside

Wait, what is Encode? Not Exactly Rocket Science

12 ways to channel your inner citizen scientist, Outside


People that resisted marshmallows as kids in the '70s have lower BMIs as adults. What does it mean? Sweat Science 

Can you learn while you're asleep? NPR Shots 

Are organic foods better for you? Wait, are they? The New York Times, Mother Jones


A cheetah robot set a new land speed record, for cheetah robots, Popular Science

Proposed elevated bike lanes in London “a big win for bikers, graffiti artists, and people who like to pee on the side of the road,” Grist 


Tourniquet? Check. Decoy wallet in case child soldier asks for money? Check. iPod nano? Check. What Nick Kristof packs. The Daily Traveler

That’s one way to stuff a chicken, Associated Press


Reporting Poverty: An interview with Katherine Boo, Guernica

—Joe Spring