Welcome to the World of Biking Filmmaker Lucas Brunelle. Now, Hold Your Tongue.


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That was cool.

That was the most annoying bike trailer on the planet. He's giving bikers a bad name.

A lot of people will think one of those two things after watching the trailer for Line of Sight, a new movie that chronicles the underground bike messenger racing scene in 20 countries. The footage comes from helmet cams. The music is loud and heavy and features a fair amount of shouting. The bikers zoom in, out, and in front of traffic, sometimes making ridiculous gestures to boot. At least one person shoots a gun from a bike. Welcome to the world of Lucas Brunelle. He's the guy who made this film.

Before those of you who don't like the trailer sound off, you may want to know a few things about Lucas Brunelle.

He's shared his life story on his new website, If the bio is correct, Brunelle grew up on Martha's Vineyard, rode a BMX bike, hung out with a pair of future convicts, had ADHD, was sent to a psychiatric hospital in high school, got out, bought his first racing bike with a Miami Vice color scheme, started winning races, raced cat 3, took on a coach named Frank Jennings who would later be convicted of dealing cocaine, and became a cat burglar at night.

Around this point in the bio, Lucas Brunelle is a junior in high school. He's just learned to drive:

I started to drive the same way I rode my bike which often initiated a police chase. My trademark was to have police chase me into the high school parking lot and get arrested in front of the entire high school. This was the highlight of my time in high school. Because of mounting trouble and negative press sponsors started to pull out. This downward tailspin continued until the fall of 1990 when I was sentenced to two years suspended with one month to serve which was a killer deal considering 18 felonies plus numerous other serious offenses. At this time all of my friends were going off to collage but hey, I would never serve jury duty or vote again. My coach Jennings got 18 months for cocaine distribution. I spent my jail time wisely catching up on sleep, reading, and learning other criminal activities.

This is halfway through Brunelle's bio. If you find him interesting, go to his site. You'll enjoy reading about the college years, helmet cams, and his films. You might also think of ordering Line of Sight ($20), which comes out July 1. For those people that don't like the trailer, there are some words at the bottom of his bio you might want to pay attention to.

From Line of Sight.

From 2004 to present I have traveled to the most exciting and dangerous places to capture the best riders in their element. I have done this for my audience whom I see at BFF and online. I know I have influenced a lot of people to ride, ride faster, and take calculated risks. I also know my films have taken people where they’ve never been before. Of course, it’s not all positive. Every time I do an interview with a paper that goes online, or I put up a new video, someone feels the need to yell at me for being irresponsible or giving riders a bad name. What the haters don’t realize is all their bitching just makes me want to do this more!

OK, now have at him, or not.

—Joe Spring