Pride 2021: The Catalysts

A special 30-day series celebrating nonprofits working for LGBTQ+ inclusivity

Alex Showerman
Jun 1, 2021

What If I Run Out of Time to Decide About Kids?

Choosing whether or not to have children can be difficult for many women. For Amelia Boone, an elite athletic career and her ongoing eating disorder recovery have made it even more complicated.

Amelia Boone
May 26, 2021

I Was a Bad Dog Owner. Don’t Be Like Me.

Pet adoptions have spiked during the pandemic. Now is the time to change outdoor dog culture for the benefit of people, public lands, wildlife, and the dogs themselves. 

Kate Siber
May 11, 2021

48 Reasons to Feel Optimistic Today

The past year has been relentless in so many ways. But despite the challenges, there’s also a lot of good news out there to get you excited about the months ahead.

The Editors
May 11, 2021

Walls Are Coming Down

The North Face’s new Explore Fund Council, led by Jimmy Chin and Lena Waithe, has big plans—and a big budget—to make the outdoors more inclusive

Kathy Karlo
May 11, 2021

People Are Actually Pretty Decent

The evidence is everywhere that humanity is actually pretty decent, according to Dutch historian Rutger Bregman. Pay attention to it and you’ll feel much better.

Ryan Krogh
May 11, 2021
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