The perfect DIY activity for car camping or even an evening in your own backyard

No, you don't have to eat freeze-dried food in the woods

'Tamago kake gohan' is my go-to post-workout meal and takes just 15 minutes to make

Use these tips to create light, healthy, and packable summer meals

How a sick friend, a wedding in Mexico, and a cabin in Montana all led up to the A5 Wagyu striploin of my dreams

The company is raising its prices (kinda) to raise the alarm on climate change

Buy good meat, set your grill to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, use a probe thermometer​​​​​​​, and you're good to go. 

There are myriad arguments for and against eating roadkill. Can they all be true at the same time?

Portable, ready to imbibe, and no contact required. What more could we ask for?

As the country faces meat shortages, it's a good time to experiment with vegetarian or vegan eating. Here's how to start.

It's easy, fun, and shockingly good. Let's all start screaming now.

The time-tested favorite is perfect for socially distanced backyard dinners and camping

Their delicious recipes will get you out of any culinary slump

Cook unforgettable meals over the flames with these must-have tools

'Eighth Wonder' profiles commercial fisherwoman Erica Madison and her ragtag group of friends during Alaska's Bristol Bay salmon run

If Wes Siler can pull this simple recipe off, you can, too

A knock-your-socks-off meal anyone can make over a campfire, taught by a professional chef

Spring is the ideal time to collect maple sap and boil it down to syrup. When COVID-19 hit, writer and photographer Andy Cochrane paused his travels around the country and headed home just in time to help his parents with their annual maple-syrup operation in northern Minnesota. Here's how they did it.

Homesteaders were ready for this. Here's how to kick your self-sufficiency skills into high gear.

It's called a water smoker. And while you're off having fun, it will slow-cook the best chicken, ribs, and fish you've ever had.

You probably have more mixers on hand than you realize

With this simple method, you'll have moist, safe, and tasty chicken breasts every time

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Why Talisker Whisky is pouring its heart into oyster restoration efforts on the other side of the Atlantic

Alaska's favorite fishing siblings have a new quarantine skill for you to learn: making seafood delicious. Their new cookbook breaks down everything from filleting a wild-caught salmon to steaming Dungeness crab—and we've included two easy recipes to get you started.

A new wave of craft distilleries are using salvaged ingredients to brew up spirits

In the kitchen a little more than you were before? Here's some help.

Caledonia Spirits would normally be making booze, but it found a better way to help in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Other distilleries around the country are switching things up, too.

If you haven't ever baked a loaf, or haven't baked one since that time you tried it in college, it’s time to try again. Here's some expert advice to help you get started.

What to buy, what to cook, and what not to worry about in the age of COVID-19

Low-calorie and 'functional' brews are here to remind you that moderation is the spice of life

The mountains aren't the only things that are steep these days, but you don't have to spend your life savings on after-ski libations

Big brands are investing more and more resources in delivery and curbside pickup. Convenient? Maybe. Good for us? Maybe not.

A recipe for the backcountry, designed by a high-end chef

Real coffee drinkers roast their own beans. Here's how you can do it yourself.

And it's a hundred times better than an energy bar

It's going to take a lot more work to move from plastic to compostable packaging

As told by Emily Clausen, Outside's email marketing specialist and a former culinary chef

'The Recipe' features pro skier Ingrid Backstrom shredding on her home turf in Washington

Including a fruitcake you won't hate

'Hana Ku,' from Olukai, profiles a small Hawaiian village's traditional cooking and harvesting methods and its focus on eating sustainably

Booze isn't optimal for athletic performance. Thankfully, a new crop of alcohol-free cocktails taste just as good as the real thing.

If you love all things dark and toasty-malty, this is truly the most wonderful time of the year

A researcher thinks we may be able to recycle beer waste into a powerful algae-fighting tool

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