If you love all things dark and toasty-malty, this is truly the most wonderful time of the year

A researcher thinks we may be able to recycle beer waste into a powerful algae-fighting tool

A self-described tequila snob on why he's adding whiskey to his backcountry repertoire (and a recipe for the perfect Manhattan)

Make your season a little less indulgent with these twists on the classics

Crackers crumble. Tortillas mold. Freshly baked bread never disappoints.

In this episode of the Hungry Life series, chef Eduardo Garcia visits one of JT Van Zandt's most prolific fishing grounds

Combating climate change means getting a grip on our food waste problem, but it's harder than you might think to go waste-free

If you love the availability of microbrews today, you know who to thank

When Jeff Gordinier accepted an invite from chef René Redzepi to hunt for tacos in Mexico, he had no idea what he was getting into

Ignore the anti-pumpkin negativity and enjoy one of these delicious fall brews

Reconstructing the history of civilization through beer labels

Hunters John Dudley and Joe Rogan share a delicious way to prepare an elk-hunting harvest

You can take it with you—if you put it in a flask. This guide to flask cocktails shows you how.

The demands of being a celebrity chef forced the former professional mountain biker to abandon the sport completely, but he's back in the saddle now

There is nothing fishy about it

Here's how to be a responsible chicken keeper

The Traeger Ranger is a portable wood-pellet dynamo that has 184 square inches of space for campsite steaks and hot dogs

Having adventures in Tromso, Norway, is as simple as walking up into the mountains and skiing down to the ocean

A primer on some of the most beautiful—and potentially nauseating—living things in the forests

Plus, our four favorite cans of summer

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Because beer makes everything taste better

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Introducing the best campsite meal ever

In and around San Francisco, locavores are scouring their neighborhoods for edible ingredients. And you can, too.

America's best mountain runner, Joe Gray, is also obsessed with food and knows the best spots for pigging out in this Colorado city

Good for the planet, better for your innards, vegan and vegetarian hot dogs are a win-wiener

Ultramarathoner, adventurer, and writer Mirna Valerio cooks up a batch of her famous chili.

Ultramarathoner, adventurer, and writer Mirna Valerio cooks up a batch of her mean chili

Because settling for whatever is at the nearest gas station is so unsatisfactory

The perfect summer dessert is ice cream smooshed between 1,000 calories of cookies. Here's how to make our favorite versions.

Brianna and Keith Madia cook a mean skillet meal from their home sweet home—a van named Bertha

Those tasty bivalves we can't get enough of are also great for filtering pollutants out of the water, but there's a balance that comes with building more oyster farms

Any brew worth drinking deserves more than crappy single-use plastic, so we stuck to reusable vessels

The 2019 U.S. Pro and Para-Cycling Road Championships are in Knoxville from June 27 to 30. Here's how to make the most of a weekend in Tennessee's "scruffy" jewel.

Cutting down on booze? Try these mocktail recipes instead.

The folks at MeatEater demonstrate how to prepare a delicious deer ham

From fruity sours to lagers that don't bore you to tears, we've got your must-drink list

Make your camping French press obsolete with these surprisingly good instant mixes

Artists and Instagram stars Charles Post and Rachel Pohl show us how to make their famous half-and-half pizza

Patagonia alleges that Anheuser-Busch is deliberately trying to confuse beer drinkers and profiting off the outdoor retailer's reputation as a sustainable company

Eat Like joins this outdoor artist couple as they make their favorite gluten-free pizza

Chris Burkard shows us how to make his favorite non-alcoholic Mojito, with a little help from his wife, Brea

The photographer on how to make the perfect summer mocktail

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