The Top 5 Tequila Recipes

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It's National Tequila Day this Saturday, July 24! Instead of spending a lot of dough bar-hopping, we suggest making your own drinks. Mixologist Mark Drew of Casa Herradura gives you his best tequila recipes for summer fun:

Blood Orange and Ginger Collins: El Jimador Blanco combined with fiery ginger and luscious blood orange, spritzed with club soda and sharpened with hand pressed lemon juice.

• 2 oz El Jimador Blanco
• 2 oz blood orange juice
• 1 oz lemon juice
• 1/2 oz ginger syrup
• 1 1/2 oz club soda

1. In a Boston shaker, combine all ingredients, except club soda.
2. Shake vigorously.
3. Strain over crushed ice in a 12-oz high ball.
4. Cap with soda and stir with a bar spoon.
5. Garnish with a nail of ginger and a peeled lime segment.

Herradura Clover Club: Herradura tequila shaken with pressed lemon juice and raspberries gently sweetened with simple syrup and made light and fluffy with egg white; a classic sour served straight up.

• 2 oz Herradura Blanco
• 1/2 oz simple syrup
• 5 raspberries
• 3/4 oz lemon juice
• 1/2 oz egg white

1. Place raspberries at the bottom of a shaker, crush them with a muddler.
2. Combine all ingredients over ice in a Boston shaker, egg white last.
3. Shake vigorously till the drink has a soft white foam.
4. Strain gently into a chilled coupe glass.
5. Garnish with a Raspberry.

Pineapple and Vanilla Margarita: Herradura Blanco tequila shaken with freshly muddled pineapple, lightly sweetened with vanilla syrup, sharpened with fresh-press lime juice, and served on the rocks.

• 2 oz Herradura Blanco Tequila
• 1 oz lime juice
• 3/4 oz vanilla syrup
• 4 x 1″ pineapple cubes (fresh)

1. Muddle the pineapple in a Boston Tin.
2. Add all liquid ingredients.
3. Shake vigorously.
4. Strain in your glass of choice.
5. Chilled cocktail glass or coupe.
6. Old-fashioned glass over cubed ice.
7. Garnish with pineapple.

Lemongrass and Cilantro Margarita: Herradura Blanco Tequila shaken with fragrant cilantro and homemade lemongrass syrup, zested with freshly squeezed lime juice. Served in a chilled glass.

• Herradura Blanco 2 oz
• 2 lemongrass syrup 3/4 oz
• 3 Lime Juice 3/4 oz
• 4 cilantro, large pinch

1. Combine all ingredients into a mixing glass over cubed ice.
2. Shake vigorously till cilantro has broken down.
3. Strain through a fine strainer into a chilled glass.
4. Garnish with a single large cilantro leaf.

Lemongrass syrup instructions:
1. Make a simple syrup, 1:1 cane sugar to water.
2. Finely chop 3 stems of lemongrass.
3. Heat a sauce pan.
4. Place lemongrass in the pan for 15 seconds, then add simple syrup.
5. Cover, bring to boil for 2 min.
6. Simmer for another 5 min.
7. Leave to cool.

Spiced Savory Paloma: Twist on a classic Mexican cocktail–Antiguo Blanco tequila sharpened with pink grapefruit and lime juices, sweetened with agave nectar, charged with club soda, served tall with a cayenne pepper and smoked paprika salted rim.

• 2 oz Antiguo Blanco tequila
• 2 oz pink grapefruit juice
• 1/2 oz lime juice
• 1/2 oz agave nectar
• 1 1/2 oz club soda

1. Rim a highball glass with spice mix (see below).
2. Ice up the highball.
3. Into a Boston shaker, pour all ingredients except the soda.
4. Shake well.
5. Strain carefully into the rimmed glass.
6. Cap with soda and stir gently.

Instructions for the Spice Mix: Take sea salt and a little table salt, combine in a saucer with cayenne pepper and smoked paprika, crush together, and mix well.

–Mark Drew

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