Is This the World’s Best Adventure Beer Festival?

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Not long ago, we compiled a list of the top ten beer festivals in North America. Somehow, we missed the Gelande Quaffing World Championships in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Luckily, photographer David Stubbs produced a video that made us take notice.

Right about now, you may be wondering, “What is Gelande Quaffing?” Here's our not-so-William-Safire-inspired breakdown. Quaff means to drink heartily. Gelande is the shorthand for a type of ski-jump competition. Gelande quaffing is a bit of a cross between a college drinking game and, um, I guess you would call it freestyle jumping. Here is a more exact summary from

If unfamiliar with Gelande Quaffing, the object of the sport is to slide beers down a makeshift bar to teammates waiting on the other side to catch them. As beer mugs fly towards competitors, they must catch them in the air, drink them as fast as possible, and run to the other side to slide a full beer to their partner. Style points count in this contest and freestyle points are awarded for creativity and costumes.

Howie Henderson invented the game and the Jackson Hole Air Force does the judging. Watch the video above if you have any other questions; everything will become abundantly clear. This is just another excuse to drink copious amounts of brew.

What do you think, is this the world's best adventure beer festival?

H/T: Teton Gravity on Twitter

–Joe Spring

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