Skiing, like life, is exciting.
Skiing, like life, is exciting. (Photo: Brendan Leonard)

12 Ways in Which Skiing Is a Metaphor for Life

Thoughts from the chairlift

Skiing, like life, is exciting.

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  1. ​Skiing, like life, is exciting. One moment, you’re at the top, the world open in front of you, teetering on the edge, all potential energy. Anything could happen. 
  2. In skiing, just like life, you will fly, and you will fall. You’re floating on top of nine inches of fresh powder thinking, “This is the best day ever,” and it’s as good as a first date that went really well or the day you got a raise or landed your dream job. Conversely, sometimes you catch an edge and eat shit, and you feel just like you did when you accidentally backed into a BMW in the Target parking lot, mistakenly clicked “Reply All” and emailed the whole office some nasty stuff you decided to say about Gary in the next cubicle (including Gary), or got drunk and insulted your best friend’s new boyfriend/girlfriend.
  3. In skiing, just like in life, you can be cruising along having the time of your life, and some inconsiderate shitbag going too fast will crash into you and wreck your day. Sometimes that shitbag is drunk, sometimes not, but they’re always a shitbag. Helmets can help.
  4. Parking is kind of a pain in the ass, but necessary.
  5. The good stuff, in life and in skiing, often requires waiting in line. Unless you go skiing in the backcountry, which usually doesn’t require waiting in line, but comes with a whole other set of risks (avalanches, et cetera), and doesn’t really have an exact life parallel. 
  6. Like a bad-weather day on the hill, life can be cold, hard, relentless, and miserable, but that doesn’t mean you should let it shut you down. 
  7. Just because you can go fast doesn’t mean you’re good at either skiing or life.
  8. Life and skiing can both be expensive. Unlike an emergency appendectomy your health insurance won’t pay for, however, a brand-new pair of DPS Alchemists will probably be quite fun. 
  9. Like skiing in the trees, in life you should spend more time thinking about where you want to go and less time thinking about the things you could crash into along the way. 
  10. Sometimes you have snot on your face.
  11. Your mistakes in both life and skiing may very well have a digital trail. Sometimes you only remember some stupid shit you did when you were drunk when you get tagged in an embarrassing Facebook photo of said stupid shit, and sometimes you make it on Jerry of the Day.
  12. Like the saying about life, skiing is often too short. 

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