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In this film from Spindrift, climber Heather Weidner​​​​​​​ attempts her fifth 5.14 sport climb in Saint George, Utah

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What to do about a friend who's uptight about splitting expenses and a date who's uptight about bodily functions

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Brendan Leonard reads an excerpt from his new book

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A short film about one woman’s experience downriver

The adventurer takes us through self-doubt, being a dad, and learning to stick with it

Thoughts on a love/hate relationship with an incline

Don’t have the time to go to Everest? Wait for hours in these lines instead.

Sometimes, able-bodied partners need to be sat down

It’s tastier than gels are... and that’s the main selling point

*these tactics also work if you climb 5.11, or 5.10, or 5.8

An environmentalist grapples with a common question in an uncommon time

Don’t bring a tree tent to Antarctica, and other sound advice

I'm older than I was, but younger than I will be

Plus, should you take someone else's spot in a race if you know you won't finish?

He sold his first photograph at 14 and has been making pictures ever since

Stop lying to yourself: you won't remember that you put your wallet, coffee, and phone on the roof of your car before you drive away.

Who needs a killer routine when you can just have coffee?

You can't walk in them, but you can fly in them

Apparently, misery does love company (in a way). So gather your friends and go have some miserable fun!

The host of the podcast 'Wild Ideas Worth Living' will put out her 100th episode this spring. Here she tells how she got into the podcast business.

You feel like you've got it together. So why haven't you found the person for you yet?

I mean, damn, is it too much to ask for some room on the armrest?

Featuring that time when our Tough Love columnist got dumped because of a dream about cinnamon rolls

The former Powder editor shares his tricks of the trade

When your backcountry partner was your romantic one, a breakup can totally alter your relationship to the outdoors—but don't let it

Because you know you want your car to smell like your weekend

The writer, cyclist, artist, and producer doesn't have a secret for getting her art into the world. She just does the work.

Avoiding the awkwardness of the poop zone and other early-relationship concerns

Close friendships can and should develop in intense situations—but you don’t need to stick around if they get toxic

Lots of things sucked this year. But there was a ton of good too!

The social dynamics of swiping, ex-forgetting, and crush-Instagramming are harder to navigate than the backcountry

Got a spare $35K lying around? Blow it all on these moderately priced holiday gifts.

Here's how to gently tell your friends that you're good with ramen all week, thanks

There's no place like home, and that's a good thing

An ode to those who can't sit still

Your last Instagram picture DOESN'T have a seventh wonder in it? How... quaint.

It's going to be hard sometimes, but it's not going to be the end of your adventures

People are worried. But, naturally, it's usually about the wrong things.

How to break it to your risk-averse family that you're trying the whole "quit your job and travel the world" thing

Not only do you get to watch the sunset, you also get to sleep in first