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Chances are, you've ticked a couple of these boxes

In a world of sexist social norms, how to be respectful of what you're into while being respectful of other people's choices

You can learn almost anything you want—for free!—on YouTube. Just make sure it's from a reliable source.

Most sports aren't that complicated. You can usually boil them down into one simple rule. (OK, maybe two.)

How to support a loved one who has witnessed something awful that changed their relationship to the outdoors

Ask yourself: Is that french press really necessary for the backcountry?

It's all fun and games until you're hiking alone with Kevin

When it comes to picking the ideal outdoor buddies, it doesn't matter at all

Get ready to hike very, very slowly and stop your car for every LBJ you see

Now is not the time to mourn the end of all-day playtime, especially if you're not the one giving birth

You just have to unfollow all those downers first

Humor isn't something you're born with—it takes work

It was long, long ago, on a wall far, far away

Mountain bikers Megan Walsh and Skye Nacel live a pretty idyllic life in their 250-square-foot Oregon cabin.

Especially if you don't share the same interest and it involves lots of time, money, and travel

What to do when you start dating someone who isn't ready to join you on dawn patrol?

No bears were subjected to Kanye’s rants in the making of this article

A price tag isn’t everything

And which one you see says a lot about how you exist in the world

A minute-by-minute account my attempt to run across the Grand Canyon—twice

We answer your cohabitation and codependency questions this week

A nostalgia-filled trip into the Grand Canyon

Location, location, location! This one-bedroom is close to nothing.

Trying to figure out how to show both of your dogs—with different energy levels—exactly how much you love them? We have answers to this dilemma and more in this week's lightning round.

For when you don’t have tens of thousands dollars just laying around

As artist Chuck Close said, “Inspiration is for amateurs; the rest of us just show up and get to work”

And also, when to stop being a baby and learn to enjoy yourself

*Epic, as in a very long day—not we’re-gonna-die

What's the point in owning something if you're not going to make the most of it?

How to embrace the season (and your partner)

Learning to look on the bright side

A meditation on dating people who have different skills than you do

Don't try to justify what we do in the outdoors. Just enjoy it.

We need safe spaces from our addictive, IQ-lowering technology

There’s more to the season than holidays and snowsports

Because the gesture is more important than the price tag

Plus, why first dates are scary (even for falconers), and how to overcome your nerves

Who cares how you funded your nice van or thru-hike? What matters is that you're spending time outside.

We know you’ve been lacking this year—here’s how to change that

No one wants to have the conversation—but no one can avoid it, either

The trick to making it look easy is a heck of a lot of hard work

Wouldn’t you like to get away? To a place where you can be pampered and just relax? Of course you wouldn’t.

For this Tough Love, by popular request, we're doing something a little different: a semi-noncapitalist gift guide

Because sometimes during the holidays you'd rather be skiing, even if you don't want to say it out loud

And don't let anyone make you believe differently

If you have great people in your life, tell them now rather than later

Everybody has a few one-liners that always crop up in their head when they’re out hiking, skiing, climbing, and/or having a good time or bad time outside.

Hate craft beer? Dogs? Urinary tract infections? We have answers to some of the most pressing outdoors issues.

Because it’s good to stay safe and happy out there

Meet Gregory Crichlow, the man fixing bikes for underserved communities in Denver

It's no more dangerous than being a woman anywhere else in society. In fact, it may be safer.

Did you hear that? What was that? Some possibilities:

Advice for taking a really, really long hike with your significant other

Sometimes people are looking for more than a good belay